Lyrical Intervention

First Published: Monday, December 10, 2007

Lyrical Intervention
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Lyrical Intervention

So, tonight I’m headed to Indy to see Cross-Canadian Ragweed. If you haven’t heard of them already, check ’em out on their website or their mySpace. Alhough probably classified as country, I’d say they’re more like southern rock. My brother introduced them to me and I’ve been listening to them ever since.

I’m totally in love with their songwriting. You know how sometimes songs come on and you think they’re talking directly to you? There are just certain parts of the song that mirror your own life experiences or somehow resonate with you? Well, when I was first introduced to them, there were tons of songs I felt that way about.

Now, before you all organize a mass intervention, please realize that it’s the spirit of the lyrics that resonates w/me, not the actual experiences themselves. For example . . . I don’t routinely get drunk by myself, I’m not popping pills or taking drugs, nor am I nearly as obsessive as these lyrics may seem… but I’ve definitely had my moments–ahahah!!

Same old story
Same old town
Same old me
Same old hangin’ around
Same old people
And the same old cars
Same old lines
And the same old bars
— From SS 10

I got drunk by myself last night
They say it’s no way to make things right
I just didn’t have anything better to do

If everyone wants to be together
I guess no one would be alone
Life’s a lot of tradeoffs in the end

One thing that seems always true
When I’m hung over makes the sky turn blue
A rough night for me will make a hell of a day

–from Proud Souls

What is love?

There’s more than just one answer
Love’s a golden wedding ring
If only love could be the cure for cancer
Then the world would hear you sing

–From Johnny’s Song
(this was actually Ryan & Jo’s wedding song)

Well it sure didn’t take too long
I woke up this morning she was gone
And the note that she wrote
Didn’t say Dear John

Said goodbye sucker I’m gone

And now I’m wishing for some drugs or a shrink to console me
But I’m never getting over Joely

— From Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah (which is actually a Reckless Kelly song)

Could you try to keep it down I was up kinda late last night
Yeah, I’m feeling like I usually feel after I feel alright
I don’t wanna hear another word about morning
I can’t take the light
Could you try to keep it down I was up kinda late last night

–From Late Last Night

I got a one hundred-dollar bill
It’s all shiny, crisp, and clean
And it’s burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans
I think I’ll spend it on some pills
Instead of gasoline
I don’t see any kind of fun in coming clean
–from Look at Me

She picked up the telephone
All she heard was dial tone
She really thought she heard it ring this time
She said what am I thinking I must be only dreaming
Or maybe it’s the hundred times he’s crossed my mind

Just tonight

She said maybe I miss your lovin’
Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit
Maybe I miss your body lyin’ right next to mine
Maybe I miss your touch a little too much

–From Alabama

Okay, well… that’s enough soul-searching for one day. Check ’em out… For reals!

Currently listening :
Live and Loud at Billy Bob’s Texas
By Cross Canadian Ragweed
Release date: 09 July, 2002

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