Oscar Recap 2008

First published: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscar Recap 2008
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2008 Oscar Recap

(note: Due to “technical difficulites,” I’m a little late posting this, but I can assure you I’ve refrained from watching/reading any “professional” commentary thus far. I usually don’t agree with most of the fashion “experts,” which is half the fun!)

Okay, so let me start off by saying I missed the first 45 mins or so of the pre-show, so some of my commentary is coming from the still photos and NOT from my first reactions. Anyway… as they say in Hollywood… the show must go on.


All in all, I was fairly disappointed in the fashions this year. People mostly played it safe… Even those who took risks did it in fairly predictable ways (Rene Zellweger) or just with color (Kelly Preston).

The one dress I think will be most discussed is Marion Cotillard.

I changed my opinion on this dress EACH time I saw it… I have a feeling it’s one of those things that probably looked stunning in person, but came off a little costume-y on TV. We’ll just have to wait and see what the “experts” have to say about it.

The Trends:

RED, clearly


Lots of feathers/ruffles, etc./Mermaid silloutte

Men taking risks

Women playing it safe… Check out all the black dresses

(and apparently Hillary Swank has ALL the trends in one dress!)

Notes from the Red Carpet:

WTF is the ROCK doing there?
(answer: presenting… huh?)

Ryan Seacrest—UGH! I don’t understand why men try SO HARD to stand out on the red carpet? All they need to do is take a cue from George Clooney and wear a nice, well-fitted tux.

Daniel Day Lewis—what’s up w/those piped lapels? I get that he’s an “indie” kinda guy, but this suit doesn’t even FIT him… he looks much too thin.

Daniel Day Lewis’s wife—WTF? Bows? Floral detail on top? Floral skirt? YUK, YUK, YUK!!

Kelly Preston—mustard yellow? What color is that? It’s Roberto Cavalli, apparently. I’m not wild about the color, but it looks good on her skin and certainly stands out on the carpet. I’m not wild about the earrings, either, but I give her props for taking a risk when SO MANY other people went very safe.

John Travolta—classic. Can’t go wrong with a nice tux

The Carrells—Steve & Nancy: Safe

Nancy—looks like a bridesmaid. Hair is too harsh

Ryan Seacrest is a tool (this is directly from my notes… not 100% sure what prompted it, he was probably trying to be funny w/Steve Carrell or something)

Patrick Dempsey– H-O-T-T! Love the bow tie. Wife is gorgeous.

Tommy Lee Jones—great!

James Macavoy—Hot accent. Love his date/wife’s blue dress, but her hair/makeup? Not so much. (I’m amending my LOVE for the dress… I don’t think I saw it close up. Love the color, not the style)

Jessica Alba—SMOKIN hot. Love the colors/feathers/pleating. Perfect outfit for her pregnancy. Liked the hair, too.

Seth Rogen/Guy from Superbad—Seth Rogen cleans up nice (really? I wrote this? Hmmm). He and the guy from Superbad look like twins (which ended up being part of their schtick.)

Amy Adams—I love the deep green dress and the glamour girl hair. I’m not wild about the neckline or the belt at the waist. Makes it feel a little bridesmaid-y, but I think she’s beautiful. Makeup is good and bag was cute.

Jennifer Gardner/Laura Linney— Well, I’m sure they’ll make more out of their exchange with Ryan Seacrest/Gary Busey, but I think they’re both beautiful.

Not wild about J. Gardner’s necklace, though. I think she could’ve actually done MORE there. Laura Linney was pretty safe, but I do like her hair and necklace a lot.

Miley Cyrus— I think she’s trying too hard to look “grown up” I think she could’ve done something a little more youthful and fun… I mean, she’s 15 years old for crying out loud. It’s a pretty color on her, though, and I liked the sleeves.

Keri Russell—Pretty, but I feel like I’ve seen this dress before. Not wild about the necklace. Her hair is pretty though. Top looked a little ill-fitting durig the show.

< looked he time this right, it get always doesn?t He Dapper. >

Marrion Coultillard—Like I said above, I am still flip-flopping on this one. When I first saw it I wrote “ugh!.. quilted white dress” And then I saw it again and it looked better. It’s not really quilted, it’s more like fish scales or something, which I LIKE, but with the mermaid cut, I wonder if it wasn’t a little too much… back to costume, almost. I really like the top of it and her hair and makeup are wonderful.

Tilda Swinton—this woman is tall, thin, and beautiful. But she’s wearing a mumu… and no makeup? Seriously!

Cameron Diaz—I’m kinda sick of seeing the SAME hair on her… the dress looks a little reminiscent of something Gwyneth Paltrow would wear. Also, is she high? Her interview w/Ryan Seacrest was bizarre.

(notes from during the broadcast): naked neck with SMALL earrings… could this girl PLEASE put on some jewelry? Like the draping/structure of the dress, but the color bores me on her. Sick of ponytail (apparently that really bothered me last night)

Hillary Swank—Pretty, but safe; matronly (I kinda don’t like her, anyway… everyone RAVED about that navy blue dress with the high neck last year (or the year before) and I wasn’t a fan… plus, I think she looks manly)

I’m liking the mermaid cut with the one shoulder (again, random note to myself)

Collin Farrell—Gray hair? Oh, no. He’s still hot, but could use a hair cut/wash (I call this the “Sawyer” effect for the Lost fans out there)

Anne Hathaway
—Another one I went back and forth on. I like the hair and the shoulder detail, but I think she’s a bit old-looking. She always goes for sophistication and elegance, which I admire, but couldn’t she youth it up a bit? I like the curly ponytail.

Jennifer Hudson—Most improved over last year. Classy. Like the detailing on the back straps (but, when she presented, it looked a little ill-fitting on the top)

Penelope Cruz—breathtaking. Love the hair. Again with the black fringe/feather look. (I wrote black, but I think it’s actually a navy color)

Jason Bateman… I’ve already used yummy and delicious to describe how he looks, so we’ll go with edible this time! MMMMM!

Helen Miren—this woman is amazingly beautiful, but I do NOT like the crochet sleeve thing. That dress would’ve been perfect without it (or, with some sort of cropped jacket or wrap). She was my fave last year and her hair/makeup/skin looked great, but I didn’t like the sleeves on the dress. She gets a couple points for trying something different, but this was not one of my favorite looks.

George Clooney—Couldn’t be hotter; His dates dress looked a bit like a couch.

Katherine Heigl—Very old-school glamour, with a modern twist. Like the detail on the shoulder. Not wild about the makeup, looks a little kewpie-doll.

Cate Blanchette— Looks stunning. I like the color. Strand thing around the neck is weird, but interesting. Hair is georgeous.

(upon further inspection, i’ve decided i hate the bottom half of this dress… and the shoes, but i still like the hair!)

Rene Zellweger—VERY sparkly… fits well, she has a great body. Don’t really like the hair… too short. Reminds me of the Brad/Gwenyth moment where they had his-and-hers haircuts. I like her better as a blonde, though.

Nicole Kidman—WTF with the necklace? She has great skin, though. (I didn’t see her on the red carpet, so I didn’t get to see her baby “bump” which—from the still photos—is hardly noticeable). Love her hair, though.

Heidi Klum—dress: yes… hair: no…. Too bride of Frankenstein or something.

Amy Ryan—beautiful

Ellen Page—cute, age appropriate, reminds me of something Jennifer Jason Leigh would’ve worn back in the day


Opening montage—lame

Jon Stewart—looks good! Starts with a joke about the writers strike and talks about how the Vanity Fair Oscar party was cancelled in defference to the writers…. He suggests that maybe VF should actually INVITE writers to the party—ahah!

His jokes about Juno and Javier Borden’s haircut were funny… not especially earth shaking, but funny. I think my fave line from his opening was about Norbit being nominated for an Oscar: “. . . which is good because usually the Academy ignores movies that aren’t…good.” Ahahah!

He did a Diablo Cody/stripper joke and they showed her in the audience (I missed her on the red carpet). I wrote: “she looks like a Flintstone” We’ll get to this in a bit.

I was surprised to see Owen Wilson. He looked good/classy.

I heart Collin Farrell (this must have come during the show when he was talking. Accents are hot!)

Surpised that Cate Blanchette was shut out


Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem

No surprise here. I liked that he thanked his mom and country in Spanish. He looked really good.

Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Swenson

Liked her speech; Hated her clothes.

Best Adapted Screenplay: No Country for Old Men

No surprise here, but I was kinda pulling for Atonement

Lead Actress—Marion Coultillard

Maybe a bit of a surprise, but her acceptance speech was touching.

Lead Actor—Daniel Day Lewis

No surprise here. I liked his shout-out to fathers and suns, but he looks like he’s wearing his dad’s old suit.

Best Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody, Juno

YES! My girl won! I would’ve been really disappointed if anyone else would have won because you KNOW that Juno wasn’t winning anywhere else and the strength of this movie really did lie in the writig.

Plus, there’s that whole girl crush thing. I also liked that she dedicated the award to the writers and she cried when talking about how her family accepted her… one of my fave parts of the night (although I have to admit that I dozed off RIGHT before that!)

But, lets talk about her clothes—FUG-ly… I have a feeling she’ll be on many a ‘worst dressed’ list… which is fine for her ‘cuz she’s all indie and stuff. I kinda wanted to see more of her tattoos. Too bad I missed her on the red carpet (if she even walked it)

Best Director: The Coen Brothers/ Best Picture: No Country for Old Men

Neither one of these are surprises, but I guess I would liked to have seen someone else share in the glory a bit. I haven’t seen There Will be Blood, but it obviously got a lot of accolades and it would’ve been nice to see it win for Best Director, just to mix it up a bit.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for this year. Like I said, I was pretty dissapointed, but I hoped you enjoyed my re-cap. Let me know who your faves were this year and whether or not you agree with my assessment….

Until next year!


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