Rockin’ Awesome!– Classic mySpace post

First published: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 via mySpace

Things that Rock

I’m kind of in a writing mood, so I decided to augment my earlier post on “things that suck” with this one on “things that rock.” I have to give Travis credit for the suggestion, and my apologies for taking so long to write it. We might as well celebrate the cool things in life instead of always just bitching about the stuff that sucks…

Just like my “sucky” blog, I’ve tried to stay away from the big stuff… of course things like love and happiness rock, but I’m trying to focus on the everyday things that bring a smile to my face. I also tried to stay away from naming specific people… I could go on and on about the people in my life that rock, but instead, here’s my list. As always, I encourage you to add your 2 cents:

Sunday afternoons—I love nothing more than lounging on a Sunday afternoon, especially if the weather is nice and I’ve had a full weekend. Serious couch time happens on Sundays at my house.

The bleachers at Wrigley—I’m not a huge sports fan, but there’s no better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon than with an $8 Old Style and a bunch of bleacher creatures. Can’t beat it with a stick.

Thanksgiving Eve—Often touted as the biggest party night of the year, it’s an annual ritual that I wouldn’t miss for the world. It’s usually better if your mom doesn’t have to pick you up the next day—lol!

Really good sheets— There’s just something about high-thread count sheets that makes even the least comfortable bed seem luxurious. I can’t actually AFFORD them, so I sometimes just go to the store and feel the “good” stuff. Hey, we all have our vices!

Espresso chocolate bars—I don’t know the brand name, but they have these organic espresso chocolate bars at Strawberry Fields that are TDF (to die for). Coffee + chocolate = true bliss!

Getting accidentally drunk—Ever have one of those days where you go out for a few and end up getting accidentally drunk? Or you go to a shower or something and the punch is just a *little* stronger than you expected? I love those days…they are almost always more fun than the big, planned nights out.

Road trips—Now, I have the patience of a racehorse, so I don’t like extended time in the car, but a good-old fashioned road trip with your buds beats waiting in an airport line any day. Cheesy music, bad gas station food and inside jokes make for a great time!

The ocean/lake/pool—I don’t really get into astrology, but I’m an Aquarius and I LOOOOOVE the water. Give me a body of water, a cold drink, and a high SPF and I’m in heaven. (Unfortunately, I’m of English/Irish/Polish decent so the SPF is crucial)

Nostalgia—Anything that brings back a “kinder, gentler” time or reminds you of being a kid is a winner in my book. That’s why all those “you’re a child of the 80s/90’s if you remember this” emails are so popular. EVERYONE remembers snap bracelets and Smurfette. Some people say music is the universal language. I’d argue that childhood kitsch is more effective.

The Email Circle— I realize that listing my friends as one of my favorite things is kinda like saying I enjoy long walks on the beach and baby animals. But our email circle is special. Although we may spend entirely too much time emailing one another and chatting about mundane things, some of the best times of my life have been shared with that group of girls and I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

Cheesy jokes—I can’t remember jokes to save my life, but there are 2 or 3 jokes that I can’t get enough of: the blue elephant joke, the “what’s this?” joke with the hand (you have to see it in person), and any of the “what do you call a man with no arms/no legs?” jokes. The cheesier, the better. I don’t like to have to feel SMART to laugh. I like simplicity in my humor.

Wine— Okay, I’ll admit…unlike my taste in humor, I actually LIKE to feel smart when it comes to wine. I chuckle a bit when someone orders a White Zin or says: Muhr-lawt instead of Mehr-low, but I’m not exactly an expert, either. Anything that can make you feel classy and informed while ALSO getting you drunk is a winner in my book. Plus, there’s nothing like a good wine drunk for getting, shall we say—amorous.

Dogs— Now, I’m a bit partial on this one. I love my dog, and she loves me back… there are times she is a bit of an, uh, inconvenience but as far as pets go, you can’t beat the love and affection you get from a dog. Don’t get me wrong… I love cats, too, but I’ve only known one cat that was anywhere NEAR as affectionate as a dog.

Tailgating—As Kristi would say, I have a hard-on for tailgating. Or at least I did. It’s one of the few times it’s totally acceptable to be completely obliterated during the day (see also: my love of the ocean/lake/pool and the Wrigley bleachers).

Mail—I stole this one from Jen, but it totally makes my “best of” list. I love getting mail… as long as it’s not bills. I especially love cards/letters, invitations, and magazines. There’s just something magical about going to the mailbox and finding something fun. It’s like getting a little present every day.

Costume parties—This should go without saying, but I L-O-V-E playing dress up. Costumes are my favorite part of Bunco because they allow you to put on a different persona for the night and be as crazy as you want to be. Plus, I really like wearing wigs.

Eyeliner ALL WOMEN can benefit from some well-placed eyeliner. It’s miracle makeup and I wish more women would learn how to apply it. Mascara is a close runner-up. It’s best if these two items are worn together, but—in a pinch—mascara can be worn alone. Eyeliner without mascara, however, is a total no-no.

Flirting— A LONG time ago, Madonna was on the Dave Letterman show and said she flirted with everyone… “even grandmothers.” I have *always* admired her for saying this because I love to flirt Especially the kind of unabashed, hair flipping, no-question-whats-going-on-here kind of flirting that usually takes a couple of cocktails. It’s just FUN to flirt w/people and have them flirt back, if even for just a little bit.

Fancy dinners—As a direct result of having an expense account and travelling for work, I’ve become quite the connoisseur of fine food. I don’t do it very often, but when I get the chance to have a nice 4-course dinner (that someone else is paying for), I go balls to the walls. It has also made me a bit more cynical about what qualifies as “good” cuisine, especially around here!

Christopher Moore books—I don’t really believe in having favorites—I couldn’t pick a favorite book, author, movie, or band to save my life, but I can always count on Christopher Moore for enjoyment. They’re witty, imaginative, a little off-kilter and always make me laugh.

Good hair days—It’s hard to not feel good about yourself when you have great hair, you look better, you feel better, you have a bit more spring in your step. Unfortunately, these days are few and far between for me!

New shoes—Similarly, getting a great new pair of shoes can almost always brighten my day. Shoes and handbags always fit and can certainly make or break an outfit.

Kids/babies— Most of you probably know by now that I have a bit of a fear of babies… especially newborns. But there’s nothing quite like seeing their tiny little hands and feet and miniature fingernails and eyelashes. And older kids really do say the darndest things… I love when my friends’ kids want to play with me and come up and sit on my lap. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Compliments—Hell, who doesn’t like to hear how fabulous they are? Or how cute they look with their new shoes/handbags/haircut? As long as it’s genuine, a little compliment can go a long way.

Stationary— This is probably related to my love of getting mail, but there’s just something about nice stationary/note cards that is appealing to me. I especially like going to the big stationary stores and seeing the large variety they have. This also ties into my love of office supplies. We all have our quirks.

Frozen desserts—I originally wrote “ice cream” on my list, but I’m expanding it to the entire spectrum of frozen desserts. Sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, dreamcicles, pushups…You name it—I love it! Except for ice cream bars. I can do without those. Something about that frozen chocolate shell seems wrong to me.

Voyeurism—Get your minds out of the gutter, peeps… this isn’t some sort of sexual perversion (that’s a subject for an ENTIRELY different blog—ahah!), but I’m just a naturally nosey person and I love to peek in on other people’s lives. I guess that’s what I find so appealing about MySpace and Facebook… an easy way to “spy” on people.

LOST Most of you know by now that I’m a huge fan of the TV show Lost. I have *never* been so into a show in my life. It’s full of mystery, drama, action, mythology, great characters, and—yes—some REALLY great looking people. If you’ve never seen it, start now… there’s a 5 week hiatus and that’s PLENTY of time to get yourself caught up.

Taking pictures—Notice I didn’t say “photography.” What I do is as close to photography as your 2 year old’s drawings are to Van Gogh. I’m not a photog, I just like to take pictures. More so than that I like to be *in* pictures… must be some sort of vanity coming out in me

Technology—Let’s be honest. As much as we say we HATE technology (especially when it doesn’t work correctly), our lives wouldn’t be the same w/o it… Without the internet, iPods, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. what would we do with ourselves? I would’ve been forced to write all my college papers using the CARD CATALOG!! I’ll pass, thankyouverymuch!

Music—the famous Dick Clark quote says that music is the soundtrack of our lives and I couldn’t agree more. It gets me through a workout, helps me concentrate at work, gives me something to do while driving down the road, is my crutch when I feel like wallowing in self pity. Music is magical.

Happy Hour—this probably goes along with my love of getting accidentally drunk, but there’s nothing quite like getting off work, heading to the local watering hole and downing a few cold ones. Of course, happy hour usually ends up turning into happy night, but that’s half the fun of it.

Cheese—Unlike wine, cheese is something I have ZERO pretentions about. I love it all… the fancy “stinky” kind, the kind that says Kraft on it, even the kind that comes out of a can… cheese is wonderful! I don’t, however, like cheese on chicken. I love chicken. I love cheese. But not together. Hmmmmm…

Outdoor Concerts—it’s been a looong time since I’ve been to one, but they’re the best. Outside in the sun with some good music, good friends, and a few beers. The acoustics might be better elsewhere, but outdoor concerts have a much better atmosphere.

Massages, mani/pedis What can I say? I’m a girl. I like a lil pampering now and then. I’m especially fond of steam rooms and massages. Mani/pedis are more like a necessity than a luxury, but it’s always nice to have people wait on you hand and foot. Literally.

Good jeans—there’s nothing better (or more cost effective) than a well-fitting pair of jeans. No matter how much they cost, they’re worth every penny. Period. End of story.

Winning—Show me someone who doesn’t like to win and I’ll show you someone who is lying. It’s great to win, whether its an argument with a friend, the local karaoke contest or Dancing with the Stars, winning rocks! (for the record, I’ve only ever won one of the three aforementioned contests… guess which one?)

Going to the movies—yeah, movies at home are cheaper, but one of my very fave things in the whole wide world is to go to the movies. Especially on a weekday afternoon. The fewer people in the theater, the better… and if you go alone you don’t have to “compromise” and waste your afternoon watching You, Me, and Dupree. Plus, nothing beats movie theater popcorn!

Travelling—Its one of the best things in life. To get out, explore new places, meet new people. I’ve always been a traveler. When we were little, my parents would load up the van and we’d drive out West (Yellowstone) or down south (Missisippi, Florida). As an adult I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair amount of travelling for both work and for fun. Like an addict, I can never get enough of it.

Hugs—This is probably surprising to some of you because—to most people—I’m not an especially ’huggy’ person. But that’s not exactly true. I’m not against ALL hugs, I’m against contrived and forced hugs… But a nice, comfortable hug from someone you really like can mean a lot.

Countdown shows—It’s a real problem. I’ll watch *anything* as long as people are counting down. Top 10 “Starlicious” Makeovers? Sure! 101 Hollywood Divorces? Okay! Top 20 Guys named Jim? I’m there! I just can’t get enough of them.

Unexpected money—Like when you find a dollar in your pocket, or get a rebate check you forgot was coming? Bonus points if the unexpected money comes in the mail!

Long make-out sessions Call me old fashioned, but there’s just something special about making out for long periods of time w/o going all the way (yeah, I’m old-fashioned alright, I just said “going all the way” ahahah!).

Fresh fruit/veggies—Especially in the summer… it’s great to know that your food came fresh out of the garden (or off the farm). I guess because it’s still pretty wintery here, but I’m totally looking forward to ripe peaches, cantaloupes, GOOD green peppers and cucumbers, etc. The one exception to this rule is tomatoes. I know lots of people like to eat them in the summer, but they make me break out in hives. Seriously.

Random acts of kindness— You know, when people do things just to be NICE? Like the other day I was at the airport. It was late at night and EVERYONE was annoyed b/c it took FOREVER to get our bags off the plane. Most people were just trying to get their bags and get home, but this kid (he was probably 22… I’m old) took mine off the belt for me. Nice. I love that!

A clean house As you may recall from my ’Things that Suck’ blog… I hate cleaning. But I LOVE having a clean house… and I hate clutter. Weird, huh? It sounds so cliché, but I sleep better in a clean house. I guess my mama really did teach me something!

Places “where everybody knows your name“—Don’t you just love going places where you know LOTS of people. It’s probably as close as I’m ever gonna get to being famous, but I just love going to the local bar, or mall, (or, strangely—the gym) and knowing a bunch of people in there.

Running into old peeps—Along those same lines I LOVE to run into people I haven’t seen in a while… co-workers, old classmates, etc. Sometimes it can be awkward if people don’t really have much to say, but it’s always fun to run into someone unexpected.

Making new friends—Just like falling in love (or lust), it’s just so much FUN to make a new friend, to learn about someone else, to have another person to run into when you’re out. It also opens the door to a whole other social network, which can lead to even MORE new friends!

Weddings—Despite the cheesy dances and the uncomfortable rituals (If I have to see a guy take his wife’s garter off with his teeth ONE MORE TIME I might just shoot myself…), weddings are special… And they give you an excuse to get “wedding wine drunk.” Score!

Good conversations/debates—ever have one of those nights where you just get into a really good LONG conversation or debate with a friend. I love that. It makes me feel a lot smarter than, say, discussing my love of NKOTB or watching re-runs of America’s Next Top Model.

People Magazine Crossword Puzzles—This falls squarely in the category of “guilty pleasures.” No where near as cerebral or status-worthy as the New York Times crossword puzzle, People magazine offers a crossword (catchily titled “the puzzler) that I’m almost guaranteed to finish in record time. Whatever makes me feel like a winner.

Sleeping in—Ahhh… to get up late on a Saturday or Sunday morning and leisurely lay in bed until you’re READY to get up… to not have to worry about being anywhere and to take your own sweet time. Heaven!

Drinking games– Yeah, I’m 29… FAR beyond the prime drinking game age… but I still LOVE a good game of Asshole, Circle of Death, Flippy Cup or even—in a pinch—thumper (“what’s the name of the game?” “To GET-ALL-FUCKED-UP”) priceless! I’ve even become quite good at beer pong as of late, which just proves that you’re never too old for drinking games!

Accents— People with foreign accents are SEXY… I’m especially fond of British, Australian, and Spanish accents. Hmmmm…

People watching Rule of thumb: There are always people who are weirder/more interesting than you are, which is why people watching is so fun! Sometimes I even make up stories about people and their lives. I’m fairly certain the lives I give to these people are MUCH more interesting than they really are.

Bookstores—I’ve slowed down my reading habits dramatically (probably due to time-suck activities like mySpace and, well, work!) But I still love to go into bookstores and just browse around killing time.

Schmoozing—this sounds arrogant, but I’m a GREAT schmoozer… and I totally enjoy it. I love talking to people, making small talk and making connections. I’m not talking about the fake kind of schmoozing, but just general “networking” I love it and don’t do it often enough.

Cleveland– I’ve only been to Cleveland once… but Drew Carey says it rocks and I believe him (I’m talking pre-Price is Right Drew Carey)

Well, there you have it… 60 things that ROCK! I guess it says something when I can think up twice as many good things as sucky things. What would you add to this list?

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