Stumbling around the blogosphere

Well, I finally broke down and started this blog last night. Still trying to find my way through. I can’t seem to pick a page theme and I’m not quite sure about the widgets yet. What’s more is I just copied and pasted old mySpace posts over as “classics” but I didn’t do it in any discernable order and they don’t have a consistent style. Maybe I’ll fix that later. Maybe not.

I’m also trying to figure out a direction for this blog. It seems as if the most succesful blogs are focused around one central theme. Hell, there’s a guy who did esentially the same thing as my “things that rock” list and turned it into an entire blog called “things I love.” (see blogroll– I’ll figure out how to hyperlink eventually).

So do I choose just one thing– like this somewhat lame daily diary– and stick with it? Or do I just allow the categories to help make sense of things. When I started this blog I thought that it would give me a place to express all kinds of things that I can’t through mySpace… more of my personal thoughts/feelings, maybe some character sketches, good old-fashioned $hit talking. But maybe the randomness makes it less compelling. We’ll see.

I’ve also noticed that shorter is generally better when it comes to blogs, so I’ll stop this here and post the other things I’m thinking about as separate entries. Oh, and I need more pictures. All text is lame.


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