List Obsessed: Looking for recomendations

My obsession with lists goes back to fifth grade.  Our teacher, Mrs. Seaney, had us keep journals.  She would give us a daily journal prompt to respond to. If we didn’t like the prompt, there was a list of other activities we could do.  One of them was to make a list.  I thought that making lists would be an easy way to pass the time and fill up my allotted page in the journal.   I made lists of future children’s names, different ways to spell MY name (I’m still obsessed with writing my own name over and over), types of cars, etc.  

As an adult, I’m still somewhat list-obsessed:  lists of things to do, lists of stuff to buy, lists of repairs I want to make on the house.  My Netflix queue is a list of movies I want to see, Amazon keeps a list of books I want to read.  I can also use these services to list the movies/books I’ve already seen/read.  Even my favorite blog posts are lists: qualities I want in a guy, things that suck, things that rock, books I never finished. I like other people’s list-making blogs.  And, just like in 5th grade, there are journals sold that focus on list writing as a way of self-discovery.

 coverI saw this book on Amazon and wondered if it was worth it.  I really feel like I should compile all my lists somewhere, but I’m a little too lazy most days to do it.  

Anyone have any good suggestions?  Is this book worth it or is there another way to make productive use out of list making?


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