Stuck in the airport

So, I’m stuck in the airport and you’re stuck reading this free-form blog post…. (okay, you’re not STUCK reading it, but I’ll feel better if you do!)

Long story short:  Plane didn’t leave on time. Then we sat on the runway for 45 mins.  Missed my connecting flight.  Got an 8:10 p.m. flight… which has now become 8:45.  Should get into Nawlins around 11, which means my big night out will be spend in the airport. Ugh.  But the good news is that I have a traveling partner, wifi, and an expense account, so I’ll survive.

There was the worlds most annoying lady on the plane out here… she was talking SO LOUD about very non-interesting stuff: her job at a scientific association, her husband and farming (telling a whole plane of people from central illinois the ins and outs of farming… stuff that *I* even know… lame). 

I’m a pretty social person, but I’m not one to strike up convos w/people on planes. I’m content to just read my book/listen to  my ipod and chill.   I did chat w/someone who knows someone I know, so that was entertaining for a while… and then I saw this guy I used to know.  Couldn’t place him, but thanks to the wonders of wifi, I solved that mystery.

After we made it to Ohare, it was time to eat, pee, and find our gate.  Then I got coffee.  Now I’m at another gate.  So here I am, bored out of my mind. I should’ve started my book earlier. I bet I’d almost be done with it by now. Oh, well.  My eyes hurt too much to read.

The guy next to me has the exact same laptop I do… except mine is red.  The guy on the other side is reading Discovery magazine and has enormous feet.  Other than that, nothing too exciting going on at the gate.

At the risk of sounding too Polyanna-ish, it does give me some time to reflect (again) on When the Levees Broke  Don’t get me wrong… it sucks to be stuck in the airport.  And my ass hurts from waiting for so long.  BUt think of those people who had to wait for days and days to get help. 

And once it did come, they didn’t have a nice, cushy Hilton to go to.  They got seperated from their families, friends, pets… they didn’t have homes to go to!  The very airport I’m anxious to get to they were anxious to get OUT of…they slept in the terminals awaiting flights to God only knows where.

I’ve been waiting for a little over 8 hours.  These people waited for 4, 5, even 6 days for basic essentials: food, water, medicine.  I cannot even imagine.

So, I’m not gonna complain.  I have tons of food choices, alcohol, and even–yes– internet access.  Life could be a whole lot worse!


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