Smells Like Peaches

I made it to New Orleans about 10:45 last night–yay!   After getting our bags, we hailed a cab and were on our way.  As I was sitting in the back of an old-school minivan cab (think wood paneling, adjustable can lights), I noticed a familiar smell. I thought it was probably one of those car air fresheners they keep in cabs to try to mask the odor of a thousand different asses on the upholstery.

Anyway, it was taking me a really hard time to place the smell when finally it dawned on me–PEACHES!  They say that smell is one of the best memory triggers and this brought me right back to Jr. High.  Apparently, once girls get a “certain age” people start giving them candles, lotions, body wash, etc. as gifts.  And invariably those gifts always smelled like either peaches or vanilla.  To the point where I can’t stand either one of those anymore (the irony of that just dawned on me… I hate vanilla yet I named my blog after it…. hmmmm)

We made it to the hotel about midnight, checked into our rooms and I started a lil unpacking.  What do I find?  Well, the faint smell of peaches was not from the cabbie’s air freshener after all… it was coming from my very own suitcase!  Apparently one of my hair products had leaked during flight and now all my clothes have the faint smell of V05 iron spray…. which, incidentally, doesn’t smell like peaches at all.

That was the start of my New Orleans adventure…. I have to be at work in less than 1/2 and hour, I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep and I’ll smell like iron spray all week…. and probably have fried hair.  Fabulous!!

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