Randomness, for sure

I know I need to write or else my blog stats go WAY down (and by WAY down I mean from super low to non-existant), and I don’t feel like actually WRITING anything interesting, so here’s a random sampling of my thoughts for the day.

1) Walked after work. Didn’t really get much of a workout, but I was walking with a friend, so it was fun. Then I ate dinner. Since I didn’t REALLY work out, I was hungry. Usually working out kills my appetite and I can skip dinner. Not tonight. Will have to work out extra hard.

2) I’ve been driving a lot lately and I’ve noticed a couple of things: a) Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits gets played a LOT. I like the song, but I SERIOUSLY heard it 3 or 4 times in a 2 hour timespan on Sunday.

You know what else gets played a LOT? Nirvana. It’s ALWAYS on the radio. And the classic rock stations. Kurt Cobain died 14 years ago and his songs are still in rotation on the rock and “alternative” stations. Unbelievable. Unlike Sultans of Swing I think this is warranted. And a testament to the staying power of Kurt’s music

3) In other 90’s-related news (kinda)– I’ve noticed a resurgence of guys wearing serapes. You know, those woven quasi-Mexican/Guatemalan blanket things. Kinda like half blanket/half poncho? Stoner guys used to wear them in high school and they seem to have made a comeback. And by comeback I mean I saw 2 people wearing them. Today.

And it was kinda nice out. Hmmm… I can’t find a good picture, but I’ll keep looking.


2 responses to “Randomness, for sure

  1. dire straits is not soo bad…

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