I felt the Earth move

There was an earthquake here today.  Well, not exactly here, but a few hours south of here.  It woke me up last night and I felt the after shock again this morning.

The first one was strange. I was sleeping on the couch.  The dog started barking.  I thought it was the wind.  Then the house started shaking.  I called my mom afterwards and asked if we had a hurricane.  Sure enough, we did.  Luckily for me I was wearing pants. I was afriad it was a tornado and I’d have to go out on the street w/o any pants on.

The aftershock came at work.  I felt it and then my monitor started shaking. Kinda cool.  Especially since no one was seriously injured.

Too much to do today to write more. Hopefully I’ll have more to say this weekend.


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