Thank God for Lost!


After a 5 (?) week hiatus, Lost  returned to TV tonight.  I’ve been looking forward to it all week.  The past few episodes I’ve been taking notes.  This time instead of writing them on paper, I’ll use my still-kinda-new laptop.  Eventually I’ll get wireless and do some live blogging…..  Baby steps.

Oh, yeah… the last ep “revealed” that Michael was Ben’s man on the boat and that Russeau and  Carl were killed.  Or were they?

  • Kate… always hot.  Smiling at Jack.  Gag me.
  • Ohhh… is this the start of Jack’s pill-poppiing?  Hmmm…  or was he popping pre-island?
  • Antibiotics?  Yeah right.

    (this is the first episode they filmed after the end of the writers strike)

  • Vincent, Bernard. Guy in ocean
  • Another new person?  Who is it?  Michowski?   No.  But hes def a guy from the boat.  The doctor! That’s right.  Slit neck.
  • Sawyer.  Hurley. Locke.    Ahahah… playing risk.  Good fake out.
  • Alex is skinny.   Who are her captors?  Richard Alpert, etc?  “the hostiles?”  More new characters?????
  • Phone rings. Code 14J.
  • Ben is so cultured. Playing piano.
  • “they’re here”    Who?  Freighter people?  Whitmore?  Obviously whoever captured Alex.
  • Ben in Sahara?????   Sick.  Is he having the time travel sickness?   When is this?  He has on a dharma coat.  Are we gonna see the polar bear?  Tunisia?  Why is he wearing a parka?
  • Holy shit!  Ben’s going badass.  Does this have something to do with him hiring Sayid as a contract killer?
  • No time for Claire?  Why does john need to survive? Why is it important.  Why won’t they hurt Locke?
  • “When? When is kind of a relative term”—Daniel Faraday
  • Ooh… are we gonna find out how Claire comes to not make it?
  • Sawyer is not gonna come back.
  • Who was the guy with the firewood?  And in the pink shirt?
  • DAMN!  I’m gonna be pissed if sawyer dies……..
  • Holy shit…. October 21, 2005.  Sayid’s wife is dead. Is this nadia? Or someone from the island?
  • Jacob/cabin/hurley
  • Hurley lets sawyer/Claire in.  why didn’t locke want them to come in?
  • Seriously? They rang the doorbell.  Is this some kind of reverse psychology from ben?
  • They wanna talk?
  • It’s halfway thru the episode and so far no flash backs/forwards.  Or are we supposed to think Ben’s is a forward? It’s obvious he doesn’t 100% know WHEN he is.  I guess we didn’t have one last episode either.
  • Was that a picture of Nadia they were carrying? Is this Sayid’s wife?
  • Ben looks like Indiana Jones.
  • Who is the bald guy?  Sayid is a pall bearer.  He sees Ben.  Ben still looks like Indiana Jones.  Maybe he’ll get in a fight on the street.
  • Desmond’s boat=Elizabeth. Fiji. Chartered a plane.  All lies.
  • Ishmael Baki (?) = Bald guy.
  • LaBrea and Santa Monica.  Where Nadia was killed.
  • Ben DOES know… and is lying about how he got there.  Clearly.  Is this how he gets Sayid to kill for him.
  • What did he say his name was?  Martin Keemy?  Uganda.  Mercenary missions.
  • Ben is CREEP-y.  She’s not my daughter.  Stolen from an insane woman.
  • Holy shit. He did it.  He actually killed Alex.

    (the Will Smith movie looks stupid.  “how many handbags does a woman really need? One more than she has now…”  hahah)

  • Ben has a soul.  Or maybe not. “he changed the rules”  Is this a reference to the game of Risk?  Surely it’s significant.
  • Is this room the time machine????  Magic box?  Jacob?????  It’s obviously the portal to the “current” time.
  • Bald guy.  Ben gives him the real name.  Sayid kills bald guy.   Bald guy working for Whidmore.
  • “once you let your grief become anger, it will never go away. I know from personal experience”  — Ben to Sayid.
  • “8 years searching for woman he loved.   Found her. Married her. Buried her.”
  • Oh…. So Sayid initiates the killing partnership?   Ben Smirks.  He knew what would happen. He intentionally set it up that way.
  • Ben is back.  The room is the portal to the time travel.   Did ben make the earth shake?  Is this part of the
  • Oh, shit.  It’s smokey.  Does Ben control the monster?
  • Does smokey come out every time there Is a break in the space/time continuum?
  • Lights.  Noise.   Smokey gets the bad guys.   Does this mean Ecko was bad?  Who were the other people who were killed by smokey?
  • Ben has to say goodbye to his daughter. He has a soul.  He’s capable of love.
  • What happened to the doctor?  Helicopters coming back in the morning?  Bernard knows morose code.
  • Daniel is a bad liar.  
  • What does Juliette know?  Why is jack sick? from the pills????
  • Miles is becoming one of them.
  • Again, avoid answers.  Wait till we see Jacob to find out about monster.  Claire, Aaron and sawyer break off.  Locke insists that Hurley stays.  To find cabin.  Why does Hurley agree to this?  “I’ll catch up sooner or later”—hurley.
  • We know Claire doesn’t make it.  Aaron does.  This isn’t a good sign for Sawyer.
  • Ben in London.
  • Mr and Mrs Kendrick in 4E.
  • Hmm… was that some kind of code? (key thing)  Does 4E somehow relate to 14J.
  • Ben has a key to Whidmore’s house?  Are they in cahoots?
  • Whidmore… nightmares.
  • Why ‘can’t’ he kill whidmore?  Same reason locke can’t kill his dad?
  • Blames Ben for alex’s death
  • “I know who you are, boy… what you are.  Everything you have you took from me.”  Is Whidmore Ben’s dad?
  • “I’m hear to tell you I’m going to kill your daughter… Penny”
  • Are Charles Whitmore and Richard Alpert the same.
  • What rules have been changed?
  • “you’ll never find her”
  • “that island is mine.  Always was.  Will be again.”
  • “hunt is on for both of us.”

** I can’t wait to read the blogs/Doc Jensen on this one**


One response to “Thank God for Lost!

  1. “Daniel is a bad liar.”

    Heh,SUCH a bad liar. He should’ve got the way more badass Charlotte to do the talking.

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