Friday Freewrite

Just rolled out of bed. I think I slept better last night. Thank God. Thoughts of Jason Bateman this morning. hmmmmm….

I need to be productive today. Work stuff and personal stuff. Got a call fromt he cable company last night that I hadn’t paid my bill. Oops. I really thought I had. The guy was super rude and hung up on me. I need to resolve this. Yes, I need to pay the bill, but I also need to let them know how rude he was.

WHat else… Lost last night was great! i’m so glad it’s back. I can’t wait to dissect it today. But, again, I need to get some work done.

Fun plans for today/tonight. Lunch w/girls and then Bunco. Animal print. I like my outfit. Should be fun.;

Got a pkg in the mail from my dad yesterday. Its a collection of poems written by his girlfriend. As you may recall, I HATE poetry. But my dad designed the cover, so it’s cool. I’m proud.

I broke a chair last night. Sitting in it. Not even sitting down in it. Just sitting there on the computer and the slats broke. It’s a cheap chair. I mean, I’m not stick thin but there’s no reason I should break a chair. Yuk.

I’m hoping to get some more stuff done this weekend. I have zero plans for Sat./Sun. so hopefully I can get some stuff done around here. Oh, and I got an estimate on the house painting. It’s really high. I’m thinking I’ll probably do it myself. I don’t WANT to do it myself, but, well….

I need to get myself on a spending plan. Especially now that I have a car payment. I really need to be more aware of what I’m spending and actively work to pay down my debt. Especially if I want to move/make a change in my life. I can’t do that with debt hanging over my head.

Maybe this weekend I can find some time to do some research on writing. I’m not 100% convinced that it has to be completely fictitious. I was chatting with a friend yesterday and realized i have TONS of stories to tell. Yes, i could make them a little more interesting. Maybe _______________ (that word i can’t think of that’s like a fictional autobiography… why can’t i think of it?) creative nonfiction is more my game.

15 mins are up. This was actually kinda hard this morning. I didn’t have much to say/write/think about. Maybe after my shower.


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