Someone has a case of the Tuesdays!

Remember that classic line in Office Space? The one about having a case of the Mondays? Well, that’s how I feel. Except it’s not Monday. It’s Tuesday.

Let me explain.

It is my contention that Tuesday, not Monday is the worst day of the week. “Why?, ” you ask. Well… because everyone expects Mondays to be shit. So on Sunday night you mentally prepare for Monday morning. Tuesdays, on the other hand, come out of the blue. You make it through the Miserable Monday and you think to yourself “hey, that wasn’t so bad.”

And then you wake up on Tuesday and realize you still still have FOUR more work days. Ugh.

Take this morning for example… I had an uber-productive Monday– work was okay, went to the gym, made some healthy food for the week. Then I woke up this morning to NO POWER. Shit!

I decided that I would go to the gym to shower. And, if I’m gonna shower at the gym I might as well get a workout in. So I packed a bag, went to the gym, worked out, showered, etc. When it was time to get dressed and leave I realized I left my work shoes at home. Crap! So, I had to go home, get my shoes and make it to work. I was only 8 mins late, but my plan was foiled.

After work, I went to a visitation and had dinner with my mom. All in all, a fairly productive day, but still a classic case of the Tuesdays!


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