Lost recap: Jack & Kate Plus 8

I didn’t take play-by-play notes on last night’s Lost.  Mostly because I had a horrible migraine and was watching from bed.

I didn’t really like last nights episode as much as last weeks.  Maybe because I have a little Kate/Jack/Sawyer fatigue. Plus, it wasn’t as action-packed and revealing as last week’s episode.  But very few are.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Kate and Jack are together in the “real world” this is sometime after the trial and before we see Jack spiral out of control and grow a beard.  Do you think the beard has anything to do with the razor she bought him in the opening sequence?  Notice that a razor was also prominently featured in a scene with Jack and  Juliet.  I wonder if “facial/body hair” will become a recurring theme?
  • Jack and Kate try to raise Aaron.  Jack wants to be a good dad.  Probably because of issues with his own dad.  He reminds Kate that she’s “not even related” to him.  So he must find out that he and Claire are brother and sister.
  • Speaking of the elder Dr. Shepard, he shows up twice in this episode.  Once to Jack as an “apparition”  (or whatever Charlie is) and once on-island to apparently kidnap Claire and leave Aaron as bait for Sawyer.  I thought the scene with Aaron on the plant was cheesy.  Straight out of Anne Geddes.
  • In island-present time, Juliet removes Jack’s appendix.  Rose point-blank asks why some people are healed and others aren’t.  This has been a long-standing discussion online and with the Lost “cultists” but I’m glad they said it so overtly.  Not everyone is as die-hard as some of us. 
  • Juliet sends Kate out of the room, Bernard administers anesthesia and all is well.  I can’t help but think about the theory after last weeks column that says maybe there’s more to Bernard than meets the eye (he’s a sharpshooter, knows Morse code and is a DENTIST???)  We don’t actually KNOW what happens in this scene.  Maybe Bernard is working with Juliet somehow AGAINST the Losties.  Or maybe not.  I just suspect there is more to this scene than meets the eye.
  • Oh, and Juliet and Jack kissed.  Now Kate knows.  And Jack knows that Kate knows.  Whatever.
  • Charlotte speaks Korean, Miles is becoming more of a good guy and I’m starting to crush on Daniel Faraday.   Again, there’s more here to be uncovered.
  • I thought it was interesting that Laepidus (sp?) was willing to help the Losties hide from the Capitan.  But what was HE doing running through the jungle?
  • We didn’t get anything from the Ben/Sayid/Desmond/Locke/Hurley storyline, but that’s pretty much par for the course.  I didn’t stay up long enough to see what next week’s episode is about.

That’s it for now… must go to work.  Hopefully I’ll have some time to do some searching and refine theories throughout the day.


One response to “Lost recap: Jack & Kate Plus 8

  1. oh my god.
    i have not watched the new episode yet..
    this post makes me wanna watch it right away.
    would you mind if i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

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