ATL: Day 1

The first day in Atlanta was a success. Our fight was fine. We made it to the hotel in time. We got a portion of the booth set up. Had a great dinner at La Tavola. Lasagna was the special tonight and I had a half order of it with a half order of the ravioli. The lasagna might have been the best I’ve ever had. Except my moms. It was obviously a very rich dish, but felt light on the palate. Wine was good. Appetizers were good. Dessert was good. Conversation was good. Kent slapped me on the back a couple of times. Weird.

I realized, again, how much I think I’m missing by not knowing about academia sooner. I think I would’ve made a wonderful academic. L said: “your next bf should be an academic” Screw the next bf, why can’t *I* be an academic? But what would I study? I’m not sure there’s ANYTHING I like enough to devote that kind of time to. At least not anything that would pay the bills.

I think that’s part of the problem though. When I went to college it was clear: you go to school so you can get a good job. No one told me that the “good job” could be at a university somewhere. My college experience prepared me for little more than a corporate job. What’s the academic challenge in that? Where is the pursuit of truth? Of new ideas? Of alternate perspectives?

I think my jealousy has just gotten the best of me. Once again, it seems as if everyone has led much more interesting, cultured, fulfilled lives than I have.

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