Freewriting from Atlanta

I shoulda gone to the gym this morning.  Instead I chose to sleep.  Last night was super duper fun.  That’s right–super duper!   We ate.  We drank.  We played cards.  I won. 

The restaurant we went to last night was called Eclipse di Luna.  Great for tapas.

I feel like these freewrites are a broken record, but as I was lying in bed this morning, I was thinking of all the things I could do to spice up my life.  Go back to school.  Become an academic.  Join the Peace Corps.  Get serious about writing (and not just blogging about writing–that’s lame).   I have these ideas/thoughts in the morning and then I get on with my day and give them up.

I need a plan.  A deadline.  I need to say that by X date I’m going to research all my options and make a decision.

On another (broken record) note… I once again realized how much cooler other people are than I am.  I wish I had known about the world of academia earlier ‘cuz I think I totally would have been good at it.  And maybe I still can.  I just don’t know what I’d want to study.

I chose my undergrad major while flipping through a college catalog in the bathroom.  Sexy, huh?  Maybe I should just get a dartboard or something and choose my PhD program that way.

I need to conquer my fears.  When people are afraid of heights they make them go skydiving or something.  My fear is failure.  In order to conquer the fear, do I need to fail first?   Hmmm….  or as L would say  “Hrmph…”

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