Holy Dead People, Batman

I watched half of tonight’s episode of Lost from between my fingers. This was one of those “creepy” episodes and it didn’t disappoint.

To recap, we get another Locke flashback. We learn the details of his birth: unwed teenage mother gets hit by a car and delivers baby early. Is considered a miracle child. Richard Alpert visits in the hospital. He visits a number of years later to administer a “test” to a young Locke. He fails. He then attempts to recruit lost to his “science camp” in Portland… So Locke truly is a man of science after all. Hmmm….

Back on the freighter, Michael gets beat up for ratting out Keemy to Ben. The captain helps out Sayid and Desmond. Sayid takes off in a boat. Des stays behind. The doctor is still alive (!?!). There’s a weird timing thing going on. A couple episodes back, it seemed as if the island was BEHIND in time (remember Faraday’s experiment) and now it seems they are ahead. Hmmm…..

The major drama, however, was in the Locke/Ben/Hurley storyline. They’re looking for Jacob. Locke has a dream where he runs into Horace Godspeed. Who is dead. And has been for 12 years. Totally creeped me out. Ben said that he used to have dreams. He used to be the “chosen” one. And now he’s passing the torch to Locke? Doubtful. THere are also some other strange connections here. Locke tells Ben he’s sorry about his spine and his daughter. Then they cut to Locke in the hospital recovering from his broken back. Coincidence? I think not.

After his dream, Locke leads Hurley and Ben to the mass Dharma grave, where he looks for Horace’s body. He finds a map. Bingo. Cabin. Locke tells Hugo he can go. He chooses to stay. Total Ben move. When Locke says that he’s not Ben, Ben says “clearly.” Definitely significant.

Once at the cabin, Locke goes in alone. He talks to Christian who says he can “speak on behalf” of the elusive Jacob. And then reveals that Claire is there. Aaron is “where he needs to be.” Creep-y. Seriously. Locke asks a bunch of questions and Christian says they aren’t important now. THe only important question is how can we save the island.

The last scene in the movie is of Locke saying that they need to MOVE the island to save it. Seriously creepy.

So…. Claire *is* dead, then? And there’s clearly some sort of metaphysical apparition thing going on. But why? And who is “chosen” to be an apparition and who is chosen to have one?

I don’t think it’s just the crazy people, as Hurley suggested (although that was one of my fave lines tonight). Claire and Christian are both related to Jack. Jack is the man of science. He is the one who is sick. Jack is a nickname for John. There’s something to this. I just don’t know what.

And WTF is up with Richard Alpert? We already know he’s ageless, but so far we know that he is directly responsible for bringing Juliet to the island, he encouraged Ben in the Purge, he gave Locke Sawyer’s file to get him to convince Sawyer to kill his dad. And now this stuff with Locke???

And how bout that beyond creepy scene with Abbadon? Do you think *he* could be Jacob? Creepy McCreeperson.

I LOVED this episode, but I have a feeling I’ll have a hard time sleeping tonight!


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