Lost, again!

I wasn’t wild about last night’s episode.  Yeah, it moved the story along, but I found it a little too melodramatic and cheesy.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Lost lately and I have a theory as to why I like it so much.  If I get a chance later today, I’ll write about it.  If not, maybe next week… since there is no episode–boo!

At any rate, I went back to my play-by-play note taking last night… so here goes:

May 15, 2008—Lost

“There’s no place like home”

Previously on lost– secondary protocol.  Torch the island.  Gas up the chopper, frank.  Drops care package.  Jack—“I think they want us to follow them”   Christian can speak on Jacobs behalf.  He wants us to move the island

Clouds… through window of plane.  Who is the pilot?  Helicopter/chopper ahead. 

What was the chicks name?  A little air back there.

We’re coming in for a landing… jack, Hurley. Sun, Kate, Sayid.  Military facility west of Honolulu.  As far as oceanic is concerned… don’t have to speak to reporters

Kate has Aaron.. Already looking like his mom

Jack is speaking for everyone… shocking

Not the best branding as far as we’re concerned.  She must be from oceanic.

Jack is in a suit.  We all know the story .   Keep our mouths shut if we get any questions we don’t want to answer… or can’t answer

We are in shock jack.– Sun

Well, then this should be easy… uh, yeah… right!

Plane lands…. Why are they in the back? In the “freight” area and not up front with the oceanic lady?… coast guard plane.

But they have seat belts?  Hrm

They see the light as the doors open.  Clearly a metaphor.  Slow mo reconciliation with families.  Sun’s parents.  Hurley’s mom.  Jacks’ mom (?)  have we seen her before?

Who is there for Kate?  For Sayid?

Hurly introduces Sayid to his p’s. of course.

I have tears.  Poor Late.  She’s still looking very horse like.

Rose thinks its Sayid and Desmond in the chopper.

I heart faraday

The orchid- Juliet claims to not know what it is

Jack and Kate take a walk.  Juliet tries to stop him

“ill see ya in a couple of hours”  jack to Juliet

Daniel and charlotte know of the orchid. Of the secondary protocol.

Daniel—“we have to get off this island…. Right now!”

Kate is sweaty.  Jack is bleeding.

Kate is skinny.

What’s in the bushes?  Oh. It’s miles.

“Long time. No see”

Sawyer. Aaron.  Are they dead?  Please tell me sawyer isn’t dead. 

We lost Claire.  She walked off in the middle of the night.  She was just gone.

New otherton.  Sawyer is on Locke’s side?

Broken record.  This is the start of Kate taking Aaron.

Kate looks really really thin. 

Sawyer: ‘you don’t get to die alone”  (Live together/die alone)


Day 103… typhoon washed up a boat w/ a raft

Sumba.  Manukanga.

Ms. Austin’s baby… gave birth on the island.

Plane hit the ocean ?

Plane filled up with water.  Emergency door.  Got out before it went down.

Cushions, life jackets.  Current pulled them in. Only 8 left.

You look pretty healthy.  Cheech is in the audience.

“on the island” 

The answer is no… Jin never made it off the plane

Kate was 6 months pregnant

Absolutely not possible that there are others to be discovered.

Woman wants to meet with sayid.  Nadia?????  Code name?

I have chills.

Sayid in boat by himself.  Headed to island.

Meets beach people.  Desmond is on the freighter.

Men on helicopter have every intention of killing us all.  Jack and Kate went running after it.

Going to the orchid. It’s a greenhouse.  According to john we’re going to move the island.  Very carefully. Doing it is dangerous and unpredictable.  It’s a measure of last resort.  What does Ben see on the ground?  A pack of some sort?  A trunk.

“allow me” – john

Dharma cigar box?  (‘you keep your weed in it’)

Ben-mirror.  Locke-binocs

Communicating with the island?  Jacob?

“none of your business john”

Sayid is looking to Juliet for advice?

“I trust you know the bearing”

Kate gives Aaron to Sun  “keep him safe”

Charlotte looks sad that Daniel is leaving.

“this is just the first trip”  who is on the boat?  Sun, Daniel, Jin, aaron,

“I told you I’d get you off the island”— Jin to Sun

PG Sun in big building.  Paik industries.

Sun is badass with her dad.

Ooh… corporate takeover??  Go Sun Go!

Two people are responsible.  Daddy dearest and….  Charles Widmore?

I hate commercials.  Seriously.

Muscle car. Must be hugo.

Chicken shack bag.

Mr. tron. Lady tron. Coconut.  Charlie?

Tv is on… I’m getting scared

Use the Virgin Mary statue

Why am I doin this???

Surprise… it’s your luau party (???)

Jesus Christ is not a weapon

Kate is there.  Hapy bday hurley.

Nadia and sayid are there.  Mom doesn’t get it dude. 

‘buildin a fire; hunting boars’  –lord of the flies reference

Car is fixed.  Cheech worked on it as a memorial piece.  Now you’re back. And it’s all yours.  Take it for a lil spin…

Ah, shit.  Those damn numbers.  4. 8. 15. 16. 24. 32

Hurley is running

‘I’m working on it’

It’s a little late to get off the island, hugo…  Been creeps me out.  Down low to the ground.

We’re at the orchid.

Charles Whidmore knows about this place and knows what is inside.  I wasn’t being entirely truthful.

Hm…. There are people there.

Do I want to see the new Indiana Jones movie?  I don’t really know……

It’s interesting they’re not using the whole name.  just “Indiana jones”

Who are those random people on the boat?

Daniel is heading back for the next group.

Sun/jin see Michael

Bearing of 305

Something on this boat is broadcasting

Jack and sawyer at chopper.   Lapedius.  Says he’s gonna fly them out of here.  Is handcuffed to plane.


Hit squad is gonna grab Ben Linus.

Sawyer and laepedius look like they cold be related.

Jack is talking at his fathers funeral. The only good thing about a wake is the free booze.

What I want to say isn’t for my dad. It’s for me.  Bye dad. I love you.

Mr. Sheppard. Very sorry for  your loss.  Claire’s mom? 

The reason she’s in Australia when he died.

He came to see his daughter. My daughter.  Check phone records.

Strangest thing… my daughter was on your plane, too.  You never even knew she was your sister.  One who died.  Her name was Claire.  I’m sorry for your loss.  Your son is beautiful. Thank you.

Creepy music.

And now you’re working for Ben.   I do not work for Ben—Michael. Trying to help you out here.


Explosives galore.  They send Sun away.  Apparently girls + explosives do not mix

When did Kate become an epert tracker.

Richard Alpert.

I feel like this has happened before.

Ooh… Richard is badass, too.

The one who killed alex is there.

Go into that greenhouse.  Through the hole.  Turn left  anthureums.  Switch that activates the elevator. Elevator takes you to the actual station.  Ben always has a plan.


Ben going out to danger/ sun going out to danger.  Baby Aaron.

It’s like marching into battle.  The last stand. 

What is that plant? Surely its significant.

Ben is giving himself up. 

Keemy is creepy. 

My name is Benjamin Linus.  I believe you’re looking for me.

My name is Inyingo Mantoya.  You killed my father. Prepare to die.


2 hour season finale.   Jack/Locke/Ben.  Breathtaking.

Thank god its on early.


One response to “Lost, again!

  1. OMG. this episode was freaking cool tho im still confussed…
    ” My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you’re looking for me.”
    keemy should kill Ben!!!

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