Good Samaritan

I’ve decided to stay home all weekend.  Yep, that’s right. I’m spending an entire weekend at home. By myself.  With the dog.  Instead of having happy hour last night, I made the girls come over here and it was actually a reallygood time.

My dog had surgery yesterday, so I’m sticking close to home to keep an eye on her. During one of our short trips outside, I saw another little dog coming down the street.  Without a leash.  He came ACROSS THE STREET into my yard, so I picked him up and took him inside.  His name was Pickles and he had a phone number on his tag, so I called.  No response, so I left a message.  Here are some photos of Pickles:


The owner called back.  Apparently she lives in Virginia and her partner still lives here, but her partner is also out of town, so they’re having a friend dog sit.  She gives me the friend’s phone number, but he isn’t home either, so me, my dog, and Pickles all hang out together for a while.   My dog didn’t quite know what to think of Pickles, especially since she’s ‘injured,’ but it worked out.  The owners friend came to pick up Pickles and all was well.

I think that this, combined with the LAST time I took in a stray dog and my reporting of the possible child endangerment qualifies me as a Good Samaritan.


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