Good Fences

You know that old saying about good fences making good neighbors?

Well, I have a pretty good fence, but . . .

I have this one neighbor.  She’s super friendly and nice.  She came over to introduce herself before she ever moved in, told me her whole life story (she was in the process of divorcing her husband, etc.)   She’s the ONLY neighbor I talk to… we go on occasional walks together, we share the cost of garbage collection, she asked me to house-sit.  Whatever.

The other day I had just gotten back from a bike ride and was attempting to change my clothes while also talking on the phone (not an easy feat, I might add).   Next thing I know, Roxie is barking hysterically at the door.  I go out to see what she’s barking at and there’s my neighbor, standing on my steps.  I quickly put on a robe, hung up the phone, and went to talk to her.

Apparently, she saw my bike outside and noticed I had the door propped open, so she just let herself in.  I was clearly a little flustered, but she continued to talk to me for, like, TEN minutes.  About nothing!  Finally, I said: “uh, well, I’m gonna finish changing clothes now” and she left.

Then a couple days later I was sitting outside and she came to throw away her garbage AGAIN (how one woman has this much garbage is beyond me).  This time I didn’t even get up.  I sat in my chair and she leaned on the fence for a good 15-20 minutes telling me the most inappropriate/personal things… about her health, about her ex, about her kids.  It was weird. weird. weird.

Maybe I should build a moat.


5 responses to “Good Fences

  1. Scott Filkins

    That picture is pretty high res. Do I know the source for it?

  2. No, I found it on our internet.

  3. Kelli Daugherty

    Ooh, yeah I vote for building a moat! I’ve always wanted one of those! And a drawbridge. Now THAT would be awesome!

  4. Just walks in? Um, that’s not cool! Especially given that she’s super annoying. . . Even though I like my neighbors, I’m not sure I’d be a fan of them walking right in my house!

  5. I know, right? The door was propped open, but still!

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