I’m clearly not hip . . .

But I just don’t get why people are crazy about Coldplay.  I like them.  I find their music pleasant, but there’s really nothing exciting or memorable about them.

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to their new song (iTunes tells me its called Viva la Vida). About halfway through I realized that I hadn’t paid a BIT of attention to the song at all, so I listened to it again.  I still don’t know what the song was about nor can I remember any of the words.

Maybe there’s something musically sophisticated that is lost on me.  Or maybe there is lyrical genius in the songwriting and I miss it because the music itself is so mellow, but–to me–there’s just nothing interesting about it.  I know Chris Martin is considered genius and LOTS of people love them.  I even own a couple CD’s myself, but I still don’t get it.

Anyone want to enlighten me?

2 responses to “I’m clearly not hip . . .

  1. While I’m not much of a Coldplay fan, I must give Chris credit. Anybody married to Gwenyth Paltrow is perpetually cool!

    Speaking of Gwenyth, are you still looking for book recommendations? Great Expectations is a must read/watch.

  2. Sorry, wrong HTML code.

    Great Expectations

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