Boat Trip Memories

On the eve of the 4th Annual Boat Trip, I thought I’d re-post a blog I wrote last year.  I promise more stories/pictures next week… enjoy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boat Trip ’07 or. . .  Why I Heart My Friends

Friday brought the 3rd Annual Boat Trip. The first boat trip was kind of a thrown-together thing… a bunch of girls decided to go to Shelbyville for the day, rent a pontoon boat and get drunk. After that first year, we decided that going down & back in the same day was just too much (even though it did result in the MOST FUN CAR RIDE EVER), so we rented a ‘cabin’ at the Coon Creek Lodge. I use the term ‘cabin’ loosely.

This year, we decided to stay at Sullivan Marina (close to Skeeters) and that we’d stay two nights. We also got personalized huggies and made a sign for our boat. This thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. At first I was afraid we were doing TOO much, but as usual, everything worked out okay.

So, we get to Sullivan a little before 4:00 and start drinking. We’re just sitting around, telling stories and getting drunk. Steph, Kristin & Brooks show up around 5:30 or so….. we have dinner and some of the peeps go out to Skeeters. I’m a loser and stayed back. I wanted to save myself for the lake.

However, when the girls get home, Kari decides to see if she can do gymnastics over me and accidentally knees me in the eye. Sure enough, I have a black eye…. well, a bruise anyway. Oh, well!

Sat morning we get up, get our stuff together and we’re on the lake by 9:00…. Problem is, it’s cold and kinda overcast. We’re all huddling under our towels for warmth. We get to Party Cove and we’re the FIRST ONES THERE. LITERALLY. I mean, we’re always AMONGST the first, but this time it was just us…. Being the troopers we are, we decide to start drinking. And then we never stop.

All in all, it was a good day…the sun finally came out around 2:00, we made some new friends and LOTS of new memories. We did a lot of sunning, swimming & laughing. We had the worlds longest push-your-friend-in-the-water contest ever and definitely had enough drinks to last for a while. There was some drama, but that’s to be expected.

When we finally got off the boat at 8:00 I think everyone had had their fill. Tons of stuff happened that will likely become inside jokes between our friends for years to come. . . As much as I love my mySpace friends, I’m not gonna share it because 1) it’s personal and 2) you probably wouldn’t think it was funny anyway….

All I have to say is that every time I get together with these girls I’m reminded of how special our friendship is. Yeah, there was some drama that–honestly–I wish I hadn’t participated in, but it doesn’t mean we don’t all love each other (I really am sorry!).

How many other late 20-somethings have what we have? We’ve all grown up together and have known each other most of our lives and even though most of us are married with kids, we still make a point to get together and go to the lake and have some fun.

I don’t really know of many other people who have girlfriends like I do and for that I’m really grateful. We get on each others’ nerves and piss each other off, but what we have is so special that none of that matters. I realize I’m getting a little too mushy here, but it’s true. We truly are lucky to have one another and it’s weekends like this that remind me of that.

Here are a few pix… I didn’t take many (and, as you can see, I’m not actually *in* any of them), but it was defintiely a great time.

(Kristi, Kristin, Brooks, Jami, Kari, Erin)

(Kim, Steph, Chachi, Lindsey)

(kristin & brooks)

(Chachi & Lindsey)

(Steph & Kristin)

(Jaime, Erin, Kari, Kim)


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  1. I can’t wait until my blog is old enough to have “classic posts” come up for events such as this…

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