Tour de Philo

Yesterday I participated in the Run4Raley, a charity walk/run in Philo to support Mitochondrial disorder research.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to run the 5K, so I decided that riding my bike to Philo and doing the mile walk would be enough of a workout on a Saturday.

Here’s the route I was supposed to take…

But I made a few wrong turns…  Here’s the route I actually took:

My 8.4 mile bike ride turned into an 11.5 mile ride, but I made it to Philo in just over an hour.  The walk was a huge success, they had over 300 people turn out and plan to make it an annual event.  Luckily, I enlisted the help of some friends to take me back after the walk.


5 responses to “Tour de Philo

  1. This map CRACKED ME UP. . .

    Good for you for doing it though. The thing I always hated the most about riding out in the country was. . . the giant dogs that chase after you.

  2. Soooo, you are one of those assholes who rides a bicycle down the highway screwing up the flow of traffic. I usually try to throw something at people who do that. Better wear a helmet! HAHAHA!!!

    Why am I not surprised with your routing difficulties??

  3. Yeah, I thought the Family Circle cartoon approach would be quite humorous. I have the worst sense of direction ever.

    And, no, I don’t routinely ride on the highway. Nor do I have a helmet. I like living on the edge!

  4. Harrowing story aside, very nice use of Google maps. Your should consider featuring them on Web Wednesday some week.

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