Website Wednesday:

Let the gimmicks continue… In addition to Foto Friday I’ve decided to start a regular feature called Website Wednesday.   Website Wednesdays are intended to introduce you to my favorite websites/time-suck activities.

My original intent was to feature only non-commercial sites and sites you may not have heard of.  But for my inaugural post I can’t help raving about

Zappos is an online shoe retailer.  Yeah, they sell other stuff, but they’re famous for their shoes (zapatos is Spanish for shoes, after all).  I love this site for a number of reasons:

1) Huge selection/easy searching

I was recently looking for a pair of size 7 silver heels for an upcoming wedding.   Instead of searching through thousands and thousands of shoes, I just put in my search criteria and voila… the perfect shoes:

Cute, no?

Cute, no?

You can also search  type of shoes (casual, dressy, sandals, boots), width, and price.

2) FREE, fast shipping– both ways!

One of the biggest gripes about online shopping is having to pay for shipping, and having to return things if you don’t like them.  Zappos gets around this by offering free shipping–both ways!  And the return process is a breeze.

Even more impressive is that they always “upgrade” your shipping.  I ordered shoes on Sunday and they were there on Tuesday.  

3) It’s a cool company, too

Everything you read about Zappos makes it sound like a really great place to work.  Their CEO has a Twitter feed, they pay new employees to quit if they’re not a good fit, they have a “culture manual,”  and they’re located in Vegas!   I really admire companies that seem to have their stuff together–both for their customers and their employess.

Plus, did I mention the cute shoes?


2 responses to “Website Wednesday:

  1. tokyostargirl

    I LOVE buying from Zappos! Good choice. =)

  2. Hmmm. . . I will have to check this out. I’ve always shyed away from online shoes because. . . I really have no concept of what size I am.

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