The Mayor’s Tongue

I finally finished reading The Mayor’s Tongue by Nathaniel Rich (no relation). I originally picked it up as a suggestion for our book club.  We chose a different title, but I was so intrigued by this one that I decided to read it anyway.

The book is certainly well-written.  It’s a little more fanciful that I had anticipated, but it’s fast-paced and compelling. The characters are colorful and likeable, and the plot is engaging.   It reminds me of Big Fish, Pan’s Labyrinth, Field of Dreams, The Truman Show and The Neverending Story all rolled into one.   As much as I adore all of those films, however,  I still haven’t decided whether or not I actually like this book.

This is where having a group of people to discuss the book with would come in handy.  For me, a good book club title is one where the book lends itself to discussion and interpretation.  This book certainly fits the bill.  I’m interested to know how other people experienced the plot “twist” and whether or not they felt it was too derivative.  Plus, there are a couple parts I simply do not understand, and I need someone to help me clarify.

All in all, I’d say it was an enjoyable read, but not nearly as earth-shattering or progressive as some of the blurbs and reviews lead me to believe.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Or maybe blurbs just can’t be trusted!


One response to “The Mayor’s Tongue

  1. Your list of film comparisons certainly piques my interest in this book. Perhaps I will borrow it…along with your hedge trimmer!

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