Blogging on Blogging: Choosing Topics

Inspired by this post from the always-entertaining FilkBlog, I decided to reflect upon my writing process for this blog; From how I choose my topics to the actual writing and editing of my posts.

First up… Choosing Topics

My topics tend to fall in one of these categories:

Even within these broad categories, however, choosing topics is kind of hard. 

I always struggle with what is and isn’t blog-worthy.   For each post you see here there are probably 4 or 5 posts I was going to write, but didn’t because I thought they were too lame or boring.

How I “manage” my blog ideas is quite unique:  Sometimes I’ll start a post with just a title (My Summer Staycation, for example).  I’ll save it in WordPress and I’ll come back to it.  For the time-sensitive stuff, I will sometimes pre-write them and set them to publish on the appropriate day (Wednesday or Friday).

I also have a running list of possible blog topics saved as a draft email.  That list is much vaguer more vague than the list of unpublished posts sitting in my WordPress queue, but sometimes when I’m in the mood to write and I can’t think of anything, I’ll refer back to this list to jog my memory.

For the other bloggers out there, I’m curious to hear your process for choosing topics.  Do you keep lists of ideas?  How do you edit yourself and decide which topics are “ready for prime time?”   Do you force yourself to blog at pre-determined intervals or just when the mood strikes you?


6 responses to “Blogging on Blogging: Choosing Topics

  1. Metablog! Especially since the blog entry you link to is actually a link to another blog. Does it ever end?!

  2. As a reader only I should caution you against becoming too predictable. I will quit coming here if I know every Saturday blog will be about Roxie’s reaction to the muzzle, Monday blogs bitching about returning to work, etc.
    I think you are doing an excellent job so far! Relatively organized, but random enough to make me wonder what tomorrow brings. I cant wait for the wedding update!

    PS, you could add a few more daily tidbits, such as TMI Tuesdays or even HNT Thursdays- if you are brave enough!!

  3. TMI Tuesdays isn’t a bad idea, but I have no clue what HNT means…

  4. Well, Cari. . . I think your blog rocks!

    I do some unblogworthy stuff that’s basically for me. . . I’ve deleted a few that I’ve started that are dead-boring, but even a few of those might get through!

    My topics tend to fall under rants, raves, trips, events, stupid things I do, what I did over the weekend, and advice solicitation.

    I have some topics that I know I want to in the future. . . it’s all about when I have time to invest. Sometimes, I have writers block. . . and sometimes, I can think of 190170378127387 things to write about.

    I have no gimmicks. . . but I should consider one that gives me a day off of sorts. :) I spend wwwwaaaaay too much time on the computer!

  5. The gimmicks are nice… I wrote 2 Foto Fridays last week, for example, so the blog won’t be completely lifeless while I’m gone!

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