Website Wednesday: Typeracer

I’m still kinda tired from my New Orleans trip, but it’s Wednesday and y’all are expecting a website, right? To get over the mid-week hump (or, in my case, survive your first day back to work) visit

The idea is simple:  See how fast you can type.  You can race your friends or complete strangers.  The best part is that the passages you type are fun… they come from popular movies, songs, literature, etc.  

I spend a great deal of time typing–emails, IMs, actual work– so I thought I’d be pretty good at this.  I can sometimes win a race or two, but you’ll never see me on the leader board.  Turns out there are some SUPER quick typists out there…. like 200 words per minute.  Yikes!

Look, I won!

Look, I won!

WARNING: This site has a high addictive potential and may eat up valuable hours of productivity.  It is best if you play at home or during only approved breaks from work!

One response to “Website Wednesday: Typeracer

  1. Wow, that is really addictive! I wonder if the 200+ words per minute accounts are actually computers? That just doesn’t seem possible.

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