About the 3…

A few people have asked me the significance of “flashing the three.”  It’s stupid, really… and really stupid!

Have any of you ever played the “thumb rule” in a drinking game like Asshole or Circle of Death?   Basically, someone puts their thumb on the table and everyone else has to follow suit.  The last person to notice has to drink/do a shot/whatever.

Well, for some reason on this year’s boat trip, we decided that flashing the “3” would be our equivalent of the thumb rule.   It’s a long, complicated story but we chose #3 in honor of Dale Earnhardt even though we’re not race fans.  The last person who flashes the 3 has to do something gross (which I will NOT repeat here).

It started on the boat trip and followed us to New Orleans.  I told Kristi I’d give her $100 if she flashed it walking down the aisle and now I have to pay up.

Makes perfect sense, right???


4 responses to “About the 3…

  1. Love it!

  2. I don’t know what The Three means, but I feel as if you’re stealing it from my “Lists of Three.” Considering litigation, Threedude.

  3. Please don’t sue. Consider it viral marketing… building buzz for the next list of 3!

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