Help a Sister Out

Dear Blog Readers,

I need some help coming up with cool ideas for Website Wednesday and Foto Friday.  Sometimes an idea will strike me and I just know I have to blog about it (i.e. Yearbook Yourself), but more often than not, I find myself scurrying at the last minute for ideas.

This is especially true for Foto Friday.  My original intent was to go out and take new photos on some sort of “theme” and post them to the blog.  Instead, I got lazy and decided to highlight some existing photos.   This is fine for the short-term, but eventually I’m going to run out of pictures of my friends, family, and vacations.

All suggestions are appreciated!



7 responses to “Help a Sister Out

  1. My favorite time-killing websites: (NSFW)

    As for photos, I’d love to see pictures of your house, your dog, your office at work, silly everyday stuff. Also pictures of you in costume are always impressive. :-)

  2. I will definitely email you some ideas. . . I have to put my thinking cap on. . .

  3. As I’m thinking about a modified steal of your concept, I’m considering doing more of a focused (delicious pun) one picture, extended discussion/annotation type thing. That way you’re not looking for themes across pictures, but rather mining meaning from the individual “foto.”

  4. Thanks, Hannah :)

    And good idea Scott… Foto Friday wasn’t always meant to showcase multiple photos. 1 or 2 that illustrate something should be fine.

    Now… finding those “somethings” is the hard part!

  5. What about reviewing Google’s new browser, Chrome? I read some about it in the paper today.

    I also love food blogs – those are fun to read about!

  6. Great ideas, Lisa– Thanks! This week’s Website Wednesday is already written (the site will be a familiar one), but I just downloaded Chrome so look for a review soon!

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