The students are back

The latest indication that the students are back:  My normally relaxing, contemplative commute to and from work now feels a little more like this:

Yes, I’ve become the frog in a live-action version of Frogger–dodging mostly students, runners, and other inexperienced cyclists instead of cars.   Hopefully they’ll start skipping class soon!


2 responses to “The students are back

  1. Frogger is in my top two amphibian-based video games, in a dead heat with the Intellivision classic, Frog Bog. It’s a little less stressful than Frogger in that your objective is to eat as many insects as possible before night falls and you go to sleep.

  2. Ugh, you know how happy it made me when the students came back. If it wasn’t for them and those damn construction workers, my life would be a lot easier. J/k, sort of!

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