Website Wednesday: Ning

This week’s featured website is Ning is a site for setting up mini social networks.  Instead of creating a mySpace page or a facebook group around a given topic/subject, you can set up your own Ning.   I’m currently in a few different Nings, including one for work and one for boot camp.

Ning is Chinese for peace, in case you're wondering

Ning is Chinese for peace, in case you're wondering

Nings are great ways to keep in touch and to stay on topic. Like any social networking site, they allow for pictures, public posting, private messaging and “friending.”  Unlike the mega-sites, they’re centered around specific topics, interests or groups.   Since Nings are typically more specialized than groups on mySpace or facebook, they to have a greater sense of purpose and privacy.  

The most successful Nings I’ve seen so far are used as an online extention of  face-to-face relationships.  This makes them perfect for groups/clubs/activities where people want to continue to socialize and interact between sessions/meetings.

(BTW, I’m still looking for suggestions for Website Wednesday. It’s kinda sad when I’m blogging about work-related stuff from home, instead of the other way around!)


2 responses to “Website Wednesday: Ning

  1. Here’s a site I embarrassingly enjoy:

    My purpose: to play The Simpsons by putting in people’s names and finding the best anagram to describe them. It’s like being smart with out the being smart part!

    Sick Font List

  2. casual informer

    Hi there – before pointing your readers to invest their time into building a site using Ning or relying on Ning for their community platform, you may want to read this:

    As with any other hosted service, readers should at least be aware of the risks of depending on a third party site to look out for their community’s best interests.

    I’ve never personally felt comfortable with Ning, sheerly on their tone I’ve seen within their forums. They do not come across as having a customer service first attitude.

    Although their technology is extremely useful, a company that chooses to engage in a p*ssing match, with complete disregard to the impact on their customers, is not one I’d be likely to consider.

    Some other options: , phpfox, typo3

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