Foto Friday: Finding Focus

I adore alliteration. Can you tell?

This week, I’m taking Scott’s advice and shifting the focus of Foto Friday to just one image.

This photo was taken at Ryan and Jo’s wedding reception over 2 years ago. During the “crazy-drunken-dancing” portion of the evening Kenny decided to lift Jo up and spin her.

I love it because it captures the fun we all had that night. Plus, the action shot of the beer spilling out of her cup and floating to the floor is amazing. I wish I could take credit for this photo, but I’m not sure who took it.

Ryan and Jo’s reception was truly one of the best nights I’ve ever had. There was impromptu karaoke, speeches, dancing, goose-chasing, late-night swimming in the hotel pool, and a wonderful group of friends and family to help us celebrate. I thought going to Jamaica for the wedding was a good time. This was even funner.

And, yes, I said funner.


3 responses to “Foto Friday: Finding Focus

  1. I’m still sad that I didn’t go, ugh.

  2. This is such a cool picture. . .

    I’m sad that I couldn’t go. :( I think I was in NH then. . . and had to come home the weekend after Ryan’s thing. I couldn’t pull off two trips two weekends in a row at that point.

    Can Kim and I have a re-do? ;)

  3. Absolutely… If I ever get married, we can try to re-create this shot.

    You and Kim can lift me up and spin me… it shouldn’t be too hard with 2 of you!

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