Foto Friday: In an Elevator

This week’s Foto Friday celebrates the art of self-taken photographs.  I often refer to them as self-portraits, but–as  you can see– the photo below was not actually *taken* by me, nor am I the primary focus.

This photo was taken in St. Louis.  We were there to celebrate Jeff’s 30th birthday and decided to see how many people (and drinks) we could cram in the elevator.  I’m not really sure who took this picture, but you can see portions of Gary, Kathy, Bob, and Luke along the perimeter.

Of course, Kari and I are the only truly recognizable people in the shot and we both look mighty perplexed.  This photo is oddly intriguing to me… maybe it’s because it is unlike most self-portraits or the strange way our faces are framed.  Or maybe it’s because we’re all looking up. I don’t know… I just find it more interesting than your average run of the mill everyone-in-an-elevator shot.


2 responses to “Foto Friday: In an Elevator

  1. It is a really great angle. I have to say though, that the claustrophobic in me is really freaked out by the idea of being in an elevator packed with drunk people. I’d be the one waiting outside in the lobby.

  2. I think the claustrophobic aspect is part of the reason i like this so much… it’s clear that this is a crowded shot, and a crowded elevator!

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