Website Wednesday: Learning to Love You More

I first read about Learning to Love You More on Not So Plain Jane and have been addicted ever since.

Founded by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, LTLYM is a participatory web site that is part self-discovery, part online art experiment, and pure voyeuristic fun. The premise is simple: July and Fletcher post assignments, regular people complete the assignments and send “reports” to the site for inclusion and posting.

Through these assignments, people are asked to create various types of artwork as documentation– drawings, photographs, written pieces, etc. Some of the work is absolutely amazing.

The site reminds me a bit of PostSecret in that it gives people a chance to “reveal” themselves through art, yet it allows for enough anonymity and creativity to truly make it like an ongoing, organic art exhibit.

The topics themselves range from deeply personal to downright silly, but participants can choose their own level of anonymity.  Some of my favorites:

Not Just a Lurker

I love this site so much I’ve even submitted a couple of things.  Ever since discovering Fridgewatcher, I’ve been fascinated by the notion of photographing everyday items, so I submitted this report for Assignment #50: Take a Flash Photo Under Your Bed

And I sent in this photo in for #27: Take a Picture of the Sun, but it hasn’t made it online yet.

I also started working on the write your life story in a day assignment, but I didn’t finish in the allotted time. Plus, it was already getting way too long and way too personal to post–and I only made it through grade school!

The other great thing about this site is that it introduced me to Miranda July. I had vaguely heard of  her before, but now I’m definitely going to have to check out more of her work.


2 responses to “Website Wednesday: Learning to Love You More

  1. That is a super inspiring site! I will definitely have to spend more time checking it out!

    I love the sun picture – how beautiful.

  2. Miranda July is amazing. If you haven’t seen Me and You and Everyone We Know, you need to rent it! It’s a beautiful movie.

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