Foto Friday: Fun and Fabulous Food

My previous post about Kristi’s wedding in New Orleans didn’t do the reception food justice.  It was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip and truly made the wedding unique.

Instead of a buffet, plated dinner or passed hor d’oeuvres, they served mini-portions of a variety of different foods. The servers were constantly at our table offering us course after course of food— from traditional Cajun fare and appetizers to soup, pasta and dessert!  There were over 75 different dishes and they just kept coming… and coming… and coming!

It was kinda like going out for tapas—we had the opportunity to taste all kinds of food w/o having to commit to an entire entrée. Although we wanted to try everything, we started to hit the wall somewhere before dessert!

This photo illustrates just some of the food that was left over. You can see some bowls of gumbo, jambalaya, bisque an awesome shrimp pasta, muffulettas and a few appetizers. It was really amazing and something I’m not likely to soon forget.

One response to “Foto Friday: Fun and Fabulous Food

  1. MMM! That makes me hungry! I would love to go back and re-eat that food all over, it was so good!

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