Toot! Toot!

I hate to toot my own horn but, well, I deserve it!

Tonight was night 1 of our last session of boot camp.  The first night is always the assessment and we convinced Bobbi to do some of the same assessments we did the first time around.  And, boy, have Kim and I improved.

This time, I ran the hill (same hill, same distance) in 29 seconds… a personal best and 10 seconds faster than my original time!

And I nearly doubled my score on the crunch test, doing 72 in a minute compared to 38 last time.  Granted, the test was slightly different (we had to use a ball the first time), but it’s still quite an improvement.

Kim’s numbers improved dramatically as well. Her hill run went from 57 to 36 and her crunch score went from 35 to 73.  A big w00t w00t to Keem!  

These are really encouraging numbers after a 3 1/2 months in “camp.”  Bobbi is an amazing trainer and we’re soooo going to miss her when she leaves.


One response to “Toot! Toot!

  1. Good for you! Your dedication to all of this is inspiring!

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