Oh well, whatever.Nevermind.

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the release of Nevermind, the breakthrough album from Nirvana.  This record marks my first foray into all-out fandom.  I wrote about my first experience with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in an earlier blog post:


The first time I heard this song, I was hooked.  I was in 7th grade and listening to ZRock late at night.  Most of the time they played hard rock music, but after about 10 p.m. they played “weird” stuff.  Stuff with a completely different sound. 

I remember writing down the name of this song and buying the single the next day.   I’d then listen to it on my Discman (remember those?) all night until I fell asleep.  I never really knew what they were saying or what the words meant, but there was something about the raw emotion on that record that really resonates with me.

Although the musical landscape has changed significanly in the last 17 years, there’s no denying that Nevermind made a lasting impact.  I still listen to Nirvana.  And I hear it on the radio–all the time!   There are very few things–before or since–that elicit quite the response I get from the opening bars of this album. Nevermind changed music.  And it changed me. And I’m listening to it all day today. 

Where the hell are my Doc Martens?


One response to “Oh well, whatever.Nevermind.

  1. Funny, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how radio has had that effect on people – one song or program you happen across will grab your attention like that, and in this case a lot of people’s attention! I didn’t realize that 17 years had passed for this until a friend sent me a pic of the now-17yo baby’s picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/force/1128070249/

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