Believe it or not…

I don’t have wireless.  Or TiVo.  I generally blog in my spare bedroom/office until it’s time for “my shows” to come on.  Then I stop writing, head to the couch (oftentimes with my laptop), and finish my posts later.  Until Jon Stewart comes on, and then I have to stop again.

I only have about 5 TV shows right now that I *have* to watch every week (The Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway, Mad Men and Entourage),  but with work, boot camp, running, household chores and somewhat of a social life, this leaves precious little time for blogging.    

It would be so much easier if I could just multitask and watch TV and write at the same time. Or Tivo my favorite shows to watch in my non-blogging time.   Maybe that’s a better solution.  ‘Cuz I have a feeling that if I had wireless, I’d *never* get offline.  Ever.


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