Website Wednesday: MySpace Music

Since I profiled Facebook last week, I figured I’d give some blog-space to its slightly older brother MySpace, specifically the newly revamped MySpace Music.

I kinda lost faith in MySpace a few months ago.  For me, the only advantages of MySpace over Facebook were the ability to blog and to add music to your profile.  Since I’ve been blogging here, I’ve pretty much abandoned MySpace for the greener, cleaner pastures of Facebook.  But MySpace Music just might bring me back. 

Although we hear a lot about MySpace vs. Facebook, MySpace Music is more like a contender for the iTunes throne.  So much so, in fact, that a big huge ad for the iPod Nano was literally splattered over my page when I logged in to get the screen grab above (more on that in a sec.)  In many ways, MySpace Music feels more like a hybrid of internet radio and iTunes than a traditional social networking site.  

The User Experience

The advantages to the user are enormous:  MySpace has partnered with all the major music labels so that artists’ entire collections are available online, instead of just a few select songs.  Like iTunes, you can create your own customizable playlists and share them with your friends.  You can add up to 100 songs and you can play them from anywhere using the stand-alone player.  There’s no limit to the number of computers you can have your music on and you don’t even have to have your MySpace page open all day.

Unlike iTunes, however, it’s all FREE!  To try it out, I added some songs by artists recommended on this blog and called it “blog recommendations.” (How’s that for user-generated content–ahha!)  I was able to listen to full length songs and decide whether or not I liked them without spending 99 cents.  

There were a few technical glitches (some songs wouldn’t play) and I was missing the “popularity” indicator feature from iTunes, but—all in all—it was really easy to search, navigate, and add songs. Of course, if I want to buy music (or download ringtones, or buy concert tickets), I can do it right there from MySpace Music.

Sound Business Model

Which makes MySpace Music not only a fun way to play music online, but also part of an interesting (and profitable) business model.  By upgrading the music platform, MySpace is getting back to their roots and positioning themselves as more than just a social network. They are partnering with big name businesses (including record companies and potential competitors) and are a Mecca for targeted marketing.  

Since their advertising model is based on the number of visitors stumbling upon new pages, more users discovering new music could mean increased ad revenue for MySpace and better targeting opportunities for advertisers.  Having another option in legal online music downloads could also help he faltering music industry, which is why they signed on in the first place.

Even if you haven’t logged into MySpace in a while, I recommend checking it out and playing around a bit.  Let me know what you think.

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Life has been getting in the way of blogging lately, so Website Wednesday was postponed a bit this week.  It’s technically still Wednesday here, so I hope you’re not too disappointed!


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