Foto Friday: Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom’s birthday is this weekend.  For her 50th (a few years ago–I won’t say how many), we threw her a surprise birthday party at Hubers.

We told her we were going to go out for dinner.  My brother and Jo were in one car and Mom and I were in another.  Mom kept getting annoyed with Ryan because he wasn’t going the right way.  We stopped at Hubers to have “a drink” and voila–there were all Mom’s friends, family and co-workers.   She was legitimately surprised and everyone had a good time.

I can’t find a good picture of the Surprise! moment, but here is my mom with all of her sisters– they look nothing alike, do they?  LOL.

Shelly, Penny, Donna, Linda, Sandy

The Bialeschki Girls: Shelly, Penny, Donna, Linda, Sandy

On another memorable birthday, I took Mom out to dinner and told her I had a suprise for her.  I told her that her gift was a clue as to her “big” surprise.  As she pulled the leash and harness from the dog-themed gift bag, she began to get a little worried.   I told her she’d have to wait until she got home to see the real surprise.  She had told me she didn’t want a dog, but I knew she did.

When she got home, I told her to close her eyes.  I took her into the spare room where she found…   RYAN!  With a brand new COMPUTER!  We made her think she was getting a dog just to freak her out.  It was great!

Happy Birthday, DK!


3 responses to “Foto Friday: Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Awww, they love Rocky Top!

  2. Cute picture of your mom and aunts. . . and cute story about the computer! Good surprise!

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