Letter to the Editor

I just sent the following letter to the News-Gazette.  I also sent a similar (albeit longer- do you know how short 250 words is?) letter to the corporate HQ of Circle K.  

I can give you the whole story if you’re interested, but I implore you to not patronize that gas station or the Quiznos next door.  It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had and I’m SUPER angry at the management.  


To the Editor:

On Friday, I was at the Circle K gas station on north Lincoln Avenue in Urbana. While in the store, some young men verbally assaulted me for no apparent reason.  They circled around me, yelled profanities, and called me names. The experience was intimidating, frightening and unprovoked.  I was shocked that anyone would speak like that to a stranger in public.What happened next was more shocking.

After the men left, I asked to speak to a manager.  He was dismissive and disrespectful.  He made an already bad situation even worse. He claimed there was nothing he could do because I could not give a full description of the man.  I asked to speak to the other two employees who were present, since one of the men said he was a former employee. The manager  refused to talk to either of the clerks in front of me calling it a “confidential personnel matter.”  I insisted that we talk to the clerk behind the counter and that he take down my name and number. The police were eventually called, but not until after the men and I had left the store.

I will not be returning to that gas station, nor to the attached Quiznos sandwich shop.  It is clear from this experience that the management does not value the safety of their customers.  Although they are not responsible for the actions of the men, they failed to react immediately and appropriately to what could have been an extremely dangerous situation.


2 responses to “Letter to the Editor

  1. Angela Reinhart

    I’m so glad that you are okay and I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself! I will keep away from those establishments FOR SURE!

  2. Creepy. I understand how some issues can be private personnel issues. . . but not someone assaulting someone else. . . and a FORMER employee at that?

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