R.I.P. Spike

One of our family cats died yesterday.   Spike had some urinary problems for years and when the vet went in to “unblock” him, his bladder burst and he had to be put down.  He was 13 (or maybe 12). I saw him on Sunday and he was definitely in pain, so it’s for the best.

Spike was the quietest of the 3 cats we had growing up and, arguably, the best-looking.  He had piercing green eyes and rarely came up to people, so it was a treat when he let you pet him or jumped on your lap.   He was preceded in death by Kit, who was a year older.  

Surviving family members include Donna, Ryan, Jo, and Cari Rich (human),  Willie (feline), Desi, Lucy, Roxie, Fable, and Shelby (canine).

He will be missed.

Spike and baby Willie

Spike and baby Willie

Kit & Spike (they're cousins or something)

Fat Cats: Kit & Spike

Trying to escape from Roxie

Trying to escape from Roxie

All 3 cats and Roxie

All 3 cats and Roxie

4 responses to “R.I.P. Spike

  1. I am super sorry to hear about that! I am glad you got to see him on Sunday and it’s good that he’s no longer in pain.

    I love the picture of little Roxie and those big cats!

  2. Spike was 13 years old (b.d. 04/06/95). He also was either a nephew or 1/2 brother to Kit. Too many years have seperated me from those facts. Ryan and Cari both have questioned his ability to contribute to the intellegence pool but of the 3 felines he definately was the least trouble. I’ll miss him

  3. Wow, I still remember when Spike was small…then really big. RIP, Mr Spike.

  4. sorry to hear about Spike. I know how rough it is to put one down, as I went through that 2 summers ago with Smokey. He was around 16 years old, and with us for 14 of those years. I really miss him.

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