Foto Friday: Biking for Groceries

I live less than a mile from my local grocery store, yet people are *still* amazed that I’m able to go grocery shopping on my bike.

Granted, there are some limitations. Heavy stuff (soda, laundry detergent, beer) are nearly impossible to carry on a bike and frozen food is impractical in the summer, but most everything else is possible.

I managed to fit all of the stuff below into one small backpack and 3 bags on my handlebars.  The only casualty of the trip was the lone banana that got separated from the bunch. Oh, and my legs. This probably added a good 25-30 lbs to my “load,” so I definitely got a workout that day.

Extra credit if you can figure out what I was shouldn't be too hard!

Extra credit if you can figure out what I was shouldn't be too hard!!

If you live within a reasonable distance, consider walking/biking to the store next time you need to pick up a few (or more than a few) things.


3 responses to “Foto Friday: Biking for Groceries

  1. I’m impressed, carich.

    I live ~2 blocks from a store, yet I do not own a bike so this is not much of an option for me. Yes, I *could* walk. . . but 99% of the time, I go on the way home from work.

  2. I love getting groceries on my bike! Particularly in SF, where driving really sucks, and gas prices are ridiculous.

    We’ve invested in a really good pair of collapse-able carriers that hook onto the bike, which made my life so much easier… I used to carry bags on the handlebars (even up the hill on the way home from Schnucks in Urbana), but the carriers hold 5-6 plastic grocery bags each, and they REALLY help your balance on the ride home, since the weight is more evenly distributed, and not pulling your handlebars in crazy directions.

  3. I’m impressed. I can’t even ride my bike to the store carrying nothing I bet. I’ve never tried, but I’m willing to bet I’m that out of shape! And it looks like fajita night at your house!

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