Wordy Wednesday

I’m sorta running out of steam for Website Wednesday, so I’m shifting my focus to another “W” that is near and dear to my heart: Words!

I’m obsessed with words and their meanings.  Not all of my favorite words are necessarily “fancy,” but a word has to be special to make this list.  Oftentimes my special words have uncommon letters in them (z’s, v’s, u’s and x’s are my favorite).  They might also be fun to write.  Or they might just be a cooler way to say something very common.  

Right now there are about 25-30 words on my list and I’m continuously adding to it.  Since I want y’all to be able to appreciate each of them individually, I’ll spread them out over a series of posts. Plus, that saves me the hassle of finding a new website each week–score!

Without further adieu, here are 5 of my favorite words, in no particular order (click on the word for the definition): 

Vapid— The worst kind of insult.  The best part about this word is that if you call someone vapid, they’re likely to have to look it up to know what it means

Zeitgeist— Fun to write. Fun to say.  Fun to be a part of.

Ubiquitous— As interesting as it’s cousin, omnipotent, without the Viagra jokes.

Inevitable– This word just rolls off your tongue. Once you start saying it, you can’t stop. It’s, like, inevitable that you’re going to say it.

Cantankerous–Much more descriptive than ‘grumpy,’ and more fun to say.

So, those are some of my favorite words… what are yours?


One response to “Wordy Wednesday

  1. I tend to overuse words quite a bit, although I love vocabulary and trying to incorporate new words. I have to say the word of the week for me this week was “robust”.

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