Election Day Poll

Okay, okay… I know everyone has election fever… and it’s really exciting.  But how ’bout some mindless distraction while you eagerly await election results?

Which celebrity do I most resemble? 
Someone recently told me I look like Bridget Fonda.  I’ve also been told that I look like the singer Jewel and  the sister on Still Standing (actress Jennifer Irwin).  Click on the photos to enlarge them.  In the off chance you don’t know what I look like, check out any of the Foto Friday posts for reference.

Bridget Fonda  

Bridget Fonda

Jennifer Irwin from Still Standing  

Jennifer Irwin from Still Standing





I appreciate the compliments, but I don’t think I look like any of these people, but I’m anxious to hear what you all think.   Exercise your constitutional right to vote in a completely arbitrary, frivolous poll on this election day!!

**If you choose “other” please let me know who the “other” is… I’m dying to know**

I”ll acknowledge that my first attempt at a poll fell a little flat.  I promised to write the winning blog post…and ended up writing none of them–oops!  Hopefully this one will be more successful since there’s no expectation for me to *do* anything this time!!


2 responses to “Election Day Poll

  1. After watching the election results last night and thinking about the campaign, I would love to see a blog from you about the fashions from this election season :)

  2. Ha Ha Ha… one of the first things I thought when the Obama family walked on stage last night was: “WTF is Michelle wearing??”

    I have soooo many blogs half-written in my head right now.

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