Foto Friday: HHC Edition

Last year, around this time, some friends and I formed the HHC–Happy Hour Club.   We would meet at a local bar after work on Friday and just hang out.  Due to busy schedules, we haven’t been able to do it much this year, but tonight we’re reviving the HHC and I can’t wait!  I haven’t been out with these girls in AGES!

Some fave moments:


pre-Bunco HHC

pre-Bunco HHC





Dunno... I think we were trying to give them long hair or something (?)


With my besties

With my besties--notice that Happy Hour has turned to Happy Night!


2 responses to “Foto Friday: HHC Edition

  1. Didn’t a picture from that night end up at Willard in an ad for Esquire?

  2. Yep… a version of the first picture ended up in promo materials for the esquire–ads, a sign at the airport, and on their web site:

    The side of my head is famous!

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