Wordy Wednesday, part 3

Wordy Wednesday is back, after a brief reprieve for some election-related vocabulary.  This week’s list features a synonym for fat that doesn’t come off as mean, a Princess Bride reference, and proof that I know what I’m talking about (at least sometimes!)

Indelible— One of these days I’m gonna leave an indelible mark on something.  I’m just not sure what yet.

Zaftig— Another z word.  Also nicer than saying: fat, chubby, or curvy.

Fanboy— wonderful descriptor. It evokes a specific image in my head that’s more or less correct. Plus, there’s a reason you never hear of fangirls.

Inconceivable— Makes me think of The Princess Bride.

Edifice— This word is on the list just so I can prove I have mad vocab. skills.  I was talking to a friend about something work related and he used the word edification.   I knew what it meant in context, but I wasn’t sure it was the right word for the project, so I said

Me:  Does that mean to build something?  

He gave me a WTF look.  I started to doubt my mad vocab skills

Me:  You know… like a building… an edifice

Him: Edifice?

Me:  Yeah [seriously doubting my vocab skills, but faking confidence]  Look it up.

Him:  How do you spell that?

Me: E-d-i-  oh, I don’t know…please tell me it says “building”

Him: Building (in shock and amazement)

We then discover that edification (meaning to instruct or improve, especially in religious knowledge) is actually has the same root as “edifice.”  Apparently building buildings and building one’s moral character are linguistically related.  And we were both right.  Which is incredibly important to me!!


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