Procrastination is Expensive

So, I’m leaving for San Antonio in the morning, right?  And, as usual, there are a number of things on my last-minute to-do list, some of which ended up costing me a fortune!

Item #1:  Dry Cleaning    
Cost of procrastination:  Approx. $10  

I had a bunch of clothes I needed dry cleaned.  The dry cleaners by my house has online coupons and they take competitor’s coupons.  Generally, I’m not a coupon-clipper, but it’s a good deal.   Anyway, I forgot to print the coupons off at work on Friday before I left for Chicago, so I decided I’d take them in on Monday.

Monday, I print off the coupons and conveniently forget that the dry cleaning is in my car until I head to the gym.   I head to the cleaners at about 5:45 and the lady tells me that if I can get my clothes to their OTHER location by 6:00, it will be ready the next day.  (This is crucial since the dry cleaning I had to drop of consisted of most of the stuff I planned to take on my trip.)  I ask the lady where the other location is, and I’m off.

Lo and behold… I hit every flipping stoplight on the way there.  And when I get there, it’s not at the intersection the lady told me.  So, I drive a little bit further, realize it’s 6:01, and stop at a different dry cleaners.  One that doesn’t accept coupons.  So, I paid full price instead of getting $2 off for each of my 4 pairs of pants and an additional 20%.

Grrrr….   And then today when I go pick it up, I realized I was just a block off.

Item #2:  Laptop bag   
Cost of procrastination: $80

I’ve had my laptop for almost a year now.  I’ve taken it on 2 or 3 trips, but since it’s so big (17″), it doesn’t fit in a conventional laptop bag.  I’ve had to take it in a duffel bag, which is awkward.  After each trip, I vowed to look for an adequately-sized laptop bag.   I never got around to it.  I even have a $75 gift certificate from Dell that I’ve been saving for such a reason.  But, I waited too long and decided to just drop by Best Buy on my lunch hour and pick one up from them.   BIG MISTAKE.  There were only 2 bags in the whole store that would fit my laptop.  And the cheapest was $80.   EIGHTY DOLLARS!!   I knew it would be a pain to carry around the duffel bag once again, so I caved.   The worst part?  The bag isn’t even cute!!

Item #3:  Haircut/color  
Cost of procrastination: $70 + tip

I’ve needed a haircut for a while.   And I’ve really needed to get my roots touched up.  I usually go to a friend of mine in Tuscola.  She’s really good and charges dirt cheap prices, but is really hard to get in to.  So, yesterday, I decide I need to do something about this hair before my trip.   I call a local salon (not my friend) and get an appointment today… SCORE!   Unfortunately, the local salon charges twice as much as my friend, so–once again– procrastinating does not pay off.

Total Cost: About $160  I’m not likely to stop procrastinating anytime soon, but MAN is it tough on the pocketbook!!


One response to “Procrastination is Expensive

  1. I’m laughing and laughing…not at you…but because I have been there, done that, for those things and more!! Hope your trip goes well!

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