Wordy Wednesday: Words of Work

Since I’m getting ready for a 5 day work trip, I thought I’d choose words this week that remind me of work/pertain to my job.  I’m running out of time, so you’ll have to look the definitions up yourself!!

Pragmatic– It’s the ultimate compliment from me. I admire pragmatism in people, mostly because I lack it.

Purposeful- I say this a LOT at work.  I think it sounds better than meaningful or intentional.

Schlep– This word is *never* used in my everyday life.  But, while at a trade show, there’s lots of schlepping to do!

Evoke– not originally on the list, but still a good word.  I also enjoy evocative.  I use it a lot when talking to authors/designers about book covers.

And the #1 word of the week… which has nothing to do with work..

Flexting— to flirt over text messaging!


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