Alive. Busy. Tired.

I’m still here… and I have tons to blog about, but I don’t have time to make anything more than a list.  So, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Dog-sitting: for my mom last week and for a friend this week
  • Locking myself out of my car while dog-sitting
  • Re-training Roxie (again!)
  • Struggling with Evite.  If you haven’t received 15 messages from me about my 30 days of 30 and want to participate, let me know.  Everyone else– sorry for the ridiculous number of emails. I’m blaming Evite
  • Oh, and work and Christmas and all that other stuff

Each of these things could (and might) become a blog post in their own right, but I’m too flippin’ tired right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not.

Oh, and BTW– for those of you who have recently told me you’re reading my blog… thank you! It’s nice to know I have readers, even if they’re just lurking.  So holla and let me know that you’re there.


5 responses to “Alive. Busy. Tired.

  1. I see that you love animals. If you want to add free daily funny animal picture to your blog click on my name.

  2. I only got two emails from Evite. . . so it hasn’t been ridiculous at all. Unfortunately, I will not be home during your 30 days. I will have to celebrate via blog. :)

  3. I’m out here and I read your blog! Wish I could see you more in person though! I only got two Evites too – maybe I should sign up for 2 days of celebrations!

  4. I guess the Evite just went out twice. *I* got what seemed like a million messages from them, but I guess you guys just got two. Hmm…

    I should take a moment to give a shout out to my REGULAR readers and commenters (such as Lisa & Hannah). It’s nice to know people are reading.

    I think I’m going to need all the friends I can get to fill up the 30 days, so I’m totally down with virtual “dates” and doubling up…

    (that sounded way dirtier than I intended!)

  5. I lurk around on your blog! : )

    I noticed that you didn’t list ‘working out’ as one of the things you’ve been busy doing. Ha! And with the 12 Days of Holiday Fitness Fury workouts I’ve been sending…they only take 10 minutes! You could do them while dog sitting. : )

    Tell Kim I said Happy Birthday!

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