Social butterfly?

I’ve been out a lot lately (30 days of 30 post to come).  I’ve seen a lot of people out, yet for some reason, I don’t always say hi.  Especially if there is a group of people and I have to make an effort to go say hi.

I find it kinda weird, ‘cuz usually I’m a pretty social person, but I found myself ignoring people I know THREE times last night.  No, that’s not true.  I wasn’t ignoring anyone, I just didn’t make a point to go talk to them.  And they didn’t come talk to me, so that should be okay, right?

Has anyone else done this or am I just really stuck up?


3 responses to “Social butterfly?

  1. Sometimes I *just* say hi and don’t go up and chat.

    Of course, this is a different thing in this big city. I don’t run into people I know quite as often, but when I do, it seems like a bigger deal or more exciting because it’s not expected like it is back home. . . or maybe it’s just that Texans are so dang friendly so they are very huggy/excited to see anyone they know!

    When I go out back home, I will usually say hi, but I don’t go over and chat it up with people forever or anything. I could spend the entire time I’m out talking to different people other that the people I am out with. . . which is fine sometimes. . . but sometimes, it’s not what I want to do!

    Hey, it’s your 30 days of 30. . . and you are out having fun with friends and focusing on that. Everyone else can suck it. :)

  2. You’re right, Hannah! I just always feel bad when I don’t acknowledge someone I know, but sometimes it’s too much work to make it all the way across a crowded bar for 5 seconds of small talk.

    Now, if they’d offered to buy me a beer or something…. LOL!

  3. Ehh . . I think it’s okay if you don’t say hi, and I am totally with Hannah. It’s nice to see people you haven’t in a while, but if you’re out with friends doing something else, you don’t want to spend the whole night feeling like you are obligated to talk to people that you don’t necessarily have to. Even if you make eye contact, I think a simple wave is sufficient ;-) However, I agree, if a drink is involved . . .

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